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          “95% of the children are born enlightened-bright. But the parents have no idea about that. So they start to maim their children from the first days, they are brought into this world. Happy is that man, who was born and who died with his own face. Before the age of five-seven, it is still a natural open child, he preserves the natural purity, but he is already being persistently and methodically destroyed. First by parents, then by grand parents. Some were broken at the age of five, some at the age of seven, some at the age of three, it is of no importance, they just were broken. The first seven year cycle is very important, this is when the child is bound with mother’s aura-center. The father’s energy goes in parallel at that period. During the first cycle the child fights the surroundings to preserve his cosmic ego, his individuality, as a rule to no effect. During the second seven year cycle, the child’s energy is independent and he can tell you at the age of twelve, thirteen that he doesn’t the life you live. And he is right. At this stage, he must be absolutely independent. He must think independently, make the decisions. He must be set free, set free from the inside. As for the ending of the third seven year cycle, when he is twenty one years old, every civilized condition must be created for him to leave you. Never should you care for his dwelling, his social surroundings – it is pernicious. By buying flats and rooms for their children, the parents start killing them. They prevent them from establishing their own home, making them weak, further such person completely looses his identity, looses his ties with God”. Rikla The Fire Of The Unified Cosmos.

           Further we shall dwell on the most difficult cases. Why? The age of these children varies between 7 months and 1,5 years. The distinctive feature of this group of children is that they still breast-feed. They are brought to the center, when their auras look like the one on photo 1, but this is not the limit, the auras can even be in a worse condition! The auras of these children lack the light, they are very thin, one can see the traces of destruction in them, interventions and even holes. These auras reflect the unsafe habitation and presence or occasional encounter with the destructor. Who is this destructor? He can be a father, an older child in the family, grand parents. It is completely awful, when all the listed simultaneously feed on these bright shoots. If 95% of the children are born bright and they are brought to the center at the age of 7-9 months with such auras, then it turned out that all the child’s brightness is destroyed in such a short period. Learn to see and hear and you’ll see the grandmothers, which kiss and hug the crying children, who try to get away – habitual picture, isn’t it? Who needs those kisses? The ones that kiss! Or when the guests arrive to play with the children and say how their mood improved after communicating with the child, literally they would want to eat him. And they do, energetically. After such meetings, the child can’t sleep at night and cries. Many of these kids breast-feed until the age of 3, doing it every 15 minutes in the day time. There are cases, all night long the left breast doesn’t leave the child’s mouth. Once, a mother tried to take her breast away from kid’s mouth. This was followed by a strongest bite, resulting in bleeding and in the wound that wouldn’t heal for a long time. As the result, mother wakes up in the morning with black rounds under her eyes. Mothers of such children are energetically and physically exhausted women, with auras that can’t be looked upon without tears. And if in addition to that the husband is also a despot, forcing his desire of sexual contact, then the life of such a woman can be rendered as mere existence. Lots of women live in such hell. During the nursing of a child, the woman depends strongly on her husband financially. Even if she finds strength and possibility to break such relations for the sake of the child’s life, the law in such a case guards “father’s feelings”. We have many facts, when the father’s vampire nature, who is addicted to “sweet” energies, strives for such meetings at any cost. After such meetings, the child has to be restored for six days, in order to be given up for eating on the seventh day, in accordance with the decision of the court. When the mother stats to realize all that and see the scales on the aura photos, many simply give up. There are many families, where it is not possible to establish the condition for the energetic protection of the child. All this resembles murder. For example, a patient is engaged in gambling business, which is considered to be damned. Naturally, he looses his energy in that funnel and restores his energy losses from his little children’s energy potential. All their loss of energy, the grown ups try to compensate from the accessible reservoir of the child’s unformed aura. And if such kid’s mother doesn’t possess a whole aura, then the energy loss goes to a degree, when all the family members are almost at a state of sleep and the child is always capricious, ailing and is not letting mother’s breast to leave his mouth, getting the energy in such a way. There occurs some sort of mutual vampirism.

          “Each piece of bread of the neighbor is guarded by law, but the devouring of one’s spiritual strength is not prohibited. So, because of ignorance, various kinds of vampirism are admitted… The vampires of all sorts steal the strength not for good deeds – they steal the strength for themselves at best, but then follows all the dark criminality…” E.I. Rerikh

Photo 1. Child

          On photo 1 and 3 is the child, on photo 2 and 4 is his mother. There are photos of two periods of life of these people. The difference in child’s behavior: photo 1 – whining, can tear out toys with a cry or demand the desired by all means. Is frightened, winces from any sound, there developed a habit to beat himself on the head with his hands or to knock his head against the sofa, while sitting on it. Resorts to breast-feeding after any situation, which ended even with slightest tears, to that such children prefer the left breast to the right one. The touching of mother with his hands results in child’s immediate reaction, which finds expression in crying and attempting to tear them off from the mother at any cost. If this is of no help, teeth and legs are used. I would like to point out that there is nothing in this world that people, including children fight for so fiercely, often showing not the best of their characters, as for the possession and the right to use some?one’s energy!

          Photo 3 – the child is calm and smiling, almost forgot his mother’s breast, can find what to do on his own and play with interest. The aura of this child’s mother didn’t show more than four conductors before his birth, this means it was yellow and sometimes it showed green. When the child’s aura was on photo 1, the red color was dominating in mother’s aura and it wasn’t whole (photo 2). What she couldn’t have accomplished within the understanding of her ego, she overcame during the struggle for her child. If to compare the photo of mother and child (3 and 4), where the left angle of the photo is filled by yellow at the mother’s photo and by green with yellow at the kid’s photo, which is the indicator of the appeared possibilities to balance their auras in the future. This is the result of mother’s work and analysis in six months. Sometimes the struggle goes on for years, resembling the tug of war.

Photo 2. Mother

Photo 3.

Photo 4.

          The Indigo children are considered to be peace keepers, saviors of the world and bringers of light. Photo 1 shows the Indigo child, but can we classify him as a bringer of light, judging from the dark shades of color? Now lets discuss it without euphoria. Many people think, that if the Indigo came to save us, they will do it for us. But these children, don’t they need to be protected from our musty social foundations? Before they save the world, they need to survive themselves! We are waiting for the salvation army, but we are creating the army of super destructors. If a child, which possesses great energy potential is not creative and all his possibilities are with the minus symbol and the destruction took place in his habitation area, can we even imagine, what he shall do with that potential in future? In order for the Indigo children really to remain bright, we, the grown ups must really work hard, and in order to have the idea on what to work, we must see the facts, having the aura photo for a start, if we have lost the ability for spiritual vision in the process of “evolution”.

          I must dwell on the subject of children’s toys, for this purpose, I’ll tell a story. A mother with two absolutely different in character little Indigo children came to the center. When a mother with the daughter of one year and three months old went for the healing session, the boy of four years of age was left in the reception room, in order to keep him busy, he was offered some toys. Among the toys there was this funny plush flower in the pot, when one pushed it, one could hear “I love you.” During the conversation, the mother has told that from the very morning, when the boy opened his eyes, he started shouting at everyone whom he encountered: “I’ll kill you.” He absorbed each phrase like a sponge and his mother’s kind voice evoked a new outbreak of hate with the wish for destruction. Such is the atmosphere at home, atmosphere in the family, and if only one family member washes the floor, while the others wonder about without their shoes being taken off, the floor will get dirty. Same thing with the energy – the mother alone couldn’t withstand all big family. The center creates special atmosphere: calm music is being played, pictures of Rerikh and Morugin are being displayed on the walls, thus very noisy and aggressive children fall asleep, or after calming down, they start playing, drawing, looking at pictures. Can you imagine a small kid, just 75 cm high, mouth open, head thrown back, he is looking closely at one of the artist’s works. Usually such was the behavior of this boy’s sister, while he was left in the reception room and made a lot of noise. So the work with the mother and the girl continues, and behind the door, the flower, which the boy has chosen, bursts about love. The work with the mother and the girl has finished, so we opened the reception room door, which was completely quiet. The calmed down boy came in and stood by his mother, shifting from one leg to another. The mother asked, what did he want and in reply she heard: “I love you!” The main boy’s toys are cars, tanks and pistols. But, maybe a flower telling of love is of more need to the “wounded” Indigo?

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