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          It is hard for the man to rise without the woman following in Spirit. It is of no importance who is she – mother, wife, sister, grandmother…

          One more example, where mother’s aura (photo 1) is whole and even green color is present, which gives a person the possibility to take first steps towards the Spirit. The result achieved by the woman, was gained by continuous inner work during 3,5 years. Some physical cleansing occurred as well, which resulted in occasional furuncles, leaving scars on all of her body. This didn’t evoke much joy on behalf of her husband, who insisted on medical treatment. The woman gave way to her husband’s persuasion, she went to have her blood purged, but it didn’t happen due to reasons, unexplained by medics: the blood simply didn’t leave the needle. During such procedure, the blood goes out of the patient and then is returned back to him, especially at such a moment the energetic contamination can occur, up to the intrusion of beings. Couldn’t it have been that for her son’s sake this procedure have failed?!

          The people who have started work on themselves approximately at the same time have evolved far, their auras are to prove that. The woman was puzzled by the question, why has she (according to her own view) such an insignificant result, despite such a long work with herself? And only after analyzing the whole family, the conclusion was made: her whole aura served as protection for her son, giving the possibility of the spiritual rise. On photo 2, we find her son at the age of 11. One might find it strange, why this photo was put in the same line with the Indigo children. Already, at this stage, the kid was interested in what his mother was reading. He asked many questions. In order to answer them, his mother had to read more and more. Trying to built the relations with his father, a very bright, energetically powerful person, the boy wanted to see the specialist, in order to find on his own every answer to the questions troubling him from the inside. I consider this to be a good reason to see the potential that have not been displayed completely behind lots of green color on photo 2.

Photo 1.

Photo 2.

Photo 3.

          The photo 3 is made after the boy have attended the discussions, on which I have dwelled above. He was indeed agitated by artist Vasiliev’s fate, who has depicted in his artist’s view the vision of today’s events and who paid with his life for such Knowledge. After the discussions, he started to take the books of Rikla in his hands, reading slowly, little by little, sometimes only the separate lines. From time to time he hears promptings in his head, listening and analyzing them he does things resulting in positive results. Then came the understanding of his Essence and the belief in his own powers. His mother always stood by him.

          Photo 4 – shows the energetic blow that was passed. Its name is the envy. The result is the broken collarbone. The defense built up (plenty of rose and white color) – is the result of the inner work done before. But the dark colors in the left angle of the photo indicate the future loss of his defense, if this person wouldn’t alter his inner attitude towards the events. The boy didn’t want to go to the operation, for this reason, he used all his store of knowledge and experience. The books were not read at that moment, first thing he did was resort to reading them. The work was done to accept the situation and to pardon the envier. Photo 5 – the disposition of energies is very close to that described in the section of “Dynamics of color range alteration in the human aura”. As it turns out to be, by pardoning your offender and solving your situation correctly, it is possible to be abreast with the Evolutionary processes taking place on Earth. Anyway, he had to go to the operation and then the human side came to the surface. How is it possible? I’ve read, I’ve analyzed, but the miracle is not happening, the bone wasn’t put back in place and grown together all by itself! Such was the first flirting with the energy of Fire. Photo 6: less of white color, yellow and rose disappeared, the doubts and pretensions resulted in loss of a whole range of energies. I know and believe that the boy will return to the condition, behind which there is the understanding of the World (photo 5). Those who have experienced this condition and have remembered the feelings and thoughts will definitely try to regain it. Its not interesting to live without those feelings any more. This boy came to the center at the age of 10, now he almost 14. Especially at the age of 14, if one’s aura is whole, the construction of the Astral body takes place, independence and separation from the mother is possible. All the problems of the intermediary age are connected with depending on mother’s energies. There were facts, when strong willed and inner powerful mothers subdued their children. At the age of 13-14, such child can’t become independent and strong essence, like this boy, whom his mother was leading, covering him with her whole aura like with a coat. There, where suppression takes place, drug and toxic addiction is possible – this is a stronger kind of addiction formed by the mother.

          By the age of 21, all the bodies reach their maturity, growing to a state, which the person has reached during his former reincarnation. By this age, one can not only reach his limit, but also make a step further. Unbroken, whole essence must be returned to God.

Photo 4.

Photo 5.

Photo 6.

          The Indigo children are not shy, they feel free in any company, under the condition that their aura is whole. Otherwise they need a quiet place and a chance to be alone, then their aura will be restored. I feel, I see, I understand them, because I have my own experience as a child. Imagine that you see, hear and know things, which somehow? the people nearby don’t. You try to tell them, in reply you hear – don’t make things up, don’t lie, you try to prove – you hear: don’t be stubborn, you get angry, stomping with your feet, because you don’t lie and don’t make things up, as the result you are given tranquilizer pills by handfuls. I had the child’s cunning to flush them down the toilet, pretending that I take them.

          When such children are ill, they don’t need the usual methods of treatment. Give them the opportunity to restore themselves on their own or ask them, what is that they want and fulfill their request. The child knows what he needs and if he his small, the unison of mother and child will show, what the little one needs during his illness. We have an example, when the pneumonia of the 3,5 year old child was provoked by the pretensions of his mother to his father, such is the sensitivity of children to the condition of the mother and the environment. Proceeding from the x-ray, analysis and rattles heard, the diagnosis of pneumonia was announced, which was healed by mother’s understanding of her inside connection with the child and by getting rid of disharmony in her relations with her husband at the thought level! Besides that, the child has attended the exhibitions?, conversations and took food soda with milk. The district doctor was surprised by such a fast recovery, but didn’t ask any questions. Its not interesting.

          Don’t try to deceive these children – its impossible! The small deceit will be immediately recognized and you’ll have to win their trust back for a long time. The Indigo children have one more peculiarity: they are hungry for communication with their coevals. If there are none, the child being among the grown-ups will participate in the conversation, making retorts when necessary. There are children, who forget about eating and drinking for communication’s sake. When seeing people, they become completely free and meet them with the smile. The have to be in the very midst of events. You get the impression that they hungrily live through every moment of their life. After they have socialized enough, they simply fall asleep. Often they become so noisy, that it is impossible to talk in their presence, you need to raise your voice to be heard. None of the admonitions work. But one trick still works: the mother must get quiet and calm from the inside, you should take your child by the hand and walk him out. If everything is accomplished in such a manner, then when the same situation happens again, the child calms down on first request. He understands that the mother will live up to what she claims. Never lie to your children even in small things. Don’t promise, what you are not able to fulfill for sure. But if you have promised – there is nothing more important than that!!

          There is one more detail that is connected with the children of 2,5-3 years of age. If the parents don’t wish to work on a problem, because they simply don’t believe in it, or they can’t get out of the familiar environment, the child has to lean on the people near by, gathering the strength from their potential. One condition – the radiation specter of such person must be high and pure. He can be a doctor, psychologist or the educator in the kinder garden. The children of such age must be spoken to directly about the problem, you should suggest to cope with it together. The result is the restored aura. These children may say that that man lacks green color in his aura, and that woman, for example has plenty of yellow. The stunned grown-ups take the aura photo and … everything is confirmed!

          Lets share the experience of how one can trace the growth or decrease of child’s energy without the aura photo. While making the aura photos of the children who came to the center and during conversation with their parents, the children were given the opportunity to draw. A large assortment of colors was presented and as compulsory black, brown and dirty? green pencils were offered. The main condition – the pencil box is offered only to one child, because if there would be more of them, it is possible that the child will not fully express himself through the color or some?one of the children will get only a dull color pencil. If one is to trace the dynamics of the aura pictures in connection with the growth or decrease of energies and to accompany each photo with the drawing made at that moment, then one can clearly see, how together with the growth of the aura, improvement of physical, psycho-emotional condition of the child, the child selects the pencils of cleaner shades (the gradation of growth ranges from red to violet, the decrease – visa versa). If there is a psycho-emotional trauma, which is well seen in the aura – gaps and dirty colors, then the pencil chosen will be black, dark?brown. Try to analyze the drawings of your children on your own.

The artist Vareriy Morugin

Archangel Mikhail the grand duke of the first ray and of all the Archangels,
protector of the woman and her child. He controls the human virtue and the purity of maternity.
He can be addressed to in difficult cases. Teach your children to address themselves
to Archangel Mikhail. This can be done by words, going from the heart,
you shouldn’t specially select them

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