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          The first person to dwell on this subject, who named it “The Indigo children” was Nancy An Temple. If “The Indigo children” first of all represent a certain range in energies, then we decided to make a study of such children’s auras as well as of their parents. I would like to remind that the aura is made up of seven colors like the rainbow. The lower triad – is red, orange and yellow, which represent the material sphere. The higher triad – is blue, dark blue and violet. Today we encounter the energies of a far more subtle nature. On the aura photographs they appear as white-blue, white-rose, white-aquamarine – these colors represent the spiritual sphere. We can say that all the people who possess the colors of the upper triad plus those relating to the higher range (this should be considered for the moment of today, we have no idea of what shall be tomorrow!) – are the PEOPLE OF THE NEW AGE.

          “The Indigo children” is something which doesn’t fit in the society, its not easy to raise a rebel and a dreamer. Many parents relate their lack of attention, participation and pedagogical skills with their children to the Indigo phenomenon. Once again, reader, I would like to bring your attention to the fact that all the conclusions are supported by facts i.e. the aura photo. We are rarely visited by ones who are happy, that’s why the experience of work with the Indigo children is rather a sad one. The children that are brought to our center are the “wounded Indigo”. They are very rare, but damaged shoots of life. All the described methods of upbringing only break them. Norms and models of behaviour shouldn’t be imposed upon them.

          Every one of us was brought up by the society. Social mind represents the mind of a large number of people, where a personality simply drowns and is deprived of a chance for self-expression. The brave person trying to oppose himself to the social community, naming things like he thought and felt was deemed to be a “white crow” or an odd person – a tag that is not easy to get rid of for whole life. The “feeling of flock” was formed within us, the slogan “I’m like everyone else” was carried by millions of people and by the way is still carried by many. The Indigo children think as little “old men”. They are rebels, detonators of the social foundations, they don’t care about the opinion of the crowd, because the have their own. It is almost impossible to impose your opinion upon them or make them do what they don’t want to do. There would be an explosion: crying and complete protest, going on until the parent gives up and then crying immediately stops.

          Almost all the mothers of the children possessing the dark blue (and higher range) aura can remember the first gaze of their newly born child. This is a gaze, one can’t hide from, it penetrates you. You have a feeling it probes you on a molecular level. I would like to ad from my own experience, that during your first meeting with the Indigo child it is important to make him like you. He won’t smile at you, until he inspects what is above the head and on the sides of the grown up (the aura), then an eye to eye contact will follow. And only then you’ll be allowed generously to communicate, but only as equal.

Photo 1.

Photo 2.

Photo 3.

          This one condition, that must be remembered by all the parents. Always have a good argument and explain the reason why its not allowed to go the way the child want at the moment. Sometimes the child’s gaze will go inward, on the surface he is here, but in reality, he is in his own world. Parents, respect the inner world of your children. The state of peace and inner calmness of the child is also a set of energy. If one intervenes with this world, the very moment child will lose his energy. He will lose it, if you start making up bed for him, wash his cup and interrupt with no patience the deed started by your grown up child. Don’t be shy to ask the advice of even a small child. You will be surprised by the precision, depth and easiness with which the recommendation would follow.

          Lets finally get acquainted with one of the Indigo children, more to that we can already see the 3d photograph. This is one of the children, who will build the New World with its new philosophy, part of which was lost by humanity in centuries. This boy three and a half years of age came to our center with his parents. By that moment they’ve started to attend the healers and clairvoyants, i.e. started to search the answers to their questions.

          Photo 1 – is really the aura of the Indigo child, but it is very thin and not whole, there are traces of interventions. The child was very restless, during the night he ran about the flat, waking up the parents with his cries. He was troubled by nightmares. In such a condition, he ran into his parent’s sleeping room and lay down between them (the parent’s auras are whole of a red-yellow spectrum). He hid, but then the mother would wake up from nightmares, which troubled her, he provoked her being attacked. Many people heard of the wounded auras and do not understand, why the children scream so much? But if you have a torn wound to your body 20-25 cm. in size, wouldn’t it hurt? Aura is the energy bodies and wounding of any of the bodies can end up very badly up to a lethal outcome. The people with Indigo auras have big possibilities, in connection with this it can be said that they are being hunted upon. Each wound in their energy bodies attracts a lot of destructive energy, to put it simple: vampires of every rank.

          Auras, which can be classified as Indigo also belong to the people with the diagnosis of skitsofrenia, autism and other mental disorders. Were they the geniuses killed by the society? When a person says that he hears and sees the subtle world, the world of energies, communicates with it and gladly will about this world, he would easily get the diagnosis of skitsofrenia. Who can give an answer: are people born idiots or become such in the process of upbringing?

          “Almost 90% of idiots became such in the process of upbringing and only 10% were born as such. And 10% of the born ones became such in the result of the upbringing by those 90% who became such resulting from their upbringing” Osho.

Photo 4.

          Lets return to the Indigo child, whose 5 photos are in this chapter. The child’s parents also participated in reconstruction of his aura. Their task was to enlarge their perception by reading literature, giving analysis to their life together with analysis of reasons and consequences, realizing the mistakes and understanding of each day. They have attended the exhibitions/ lectures conducted by our center with their child. The dynamics of the first 3 aura photos shows how it changes, if during the work of the specialist with the child, parents participate as well (photos 1,2,3). The gained result was achieved in 3 months and remained for so long, because the parents have the understanding. The photograph 4 of the same child was made in 1,5 year time. The parents having the experience of joint work, haven’t gained the result from medical treatment of the symptoms bothering the child, addressed the center.

          The photograph showed the intervention of the distructive energy on the left side, which caused physical pain namely in the left side. Photo 5 – result gained in 10 days, aura is whole, the child is practically not seen from it, in place of interventions there is powerful protective energy of white color.

Photo 5.

          We have studied the example when the child have suffered due to the parent’s lack of knowledge, but the situation was salvaged by their whole auras. The visual results of work with the child are gained faster, if the auras of the parents are not contaminated. If there is an alcoholic in the house, bad language is used, then the process of healing can take more time. If a family member participates in some lawsuits, then all the energy of the family aura is sucked in this funnel. The first to suffer are the children younger than 3 years of age. Weakened by the lawsuit, the auras of the parents lacks the needed protection and feed upon the auras of their little children. There was a case, when an older child in the family had to shield the younger one with his own aura.

          The parents of the child from photo 1-5 often visit the Adamant center and seek the advise how to behave? He can put those two grown up people, who have certain position on in life at attention and start lecturing them, surprised by their failure to understand and remember his special status. Such kids really consider themselves as special and are surprised, when the grown ups do not share their opinion. Lets be fare, they are really the carriers of light, saviors of the world, but they should be directed very subtly, in order not to create the soil for egoism and vanity. One of the characteristics of such “old men” is that by the age of 2 they have all of their milk teeth grown and lose them as fast. Their mouths are completely toothless by the age of 4- 4,5. “The notations of these toothless old men can be wise. They see all the manifestations of the subtle world: the passing by of people and animals, which others (common children) don’t see. They can tell about interplanetary beings and friendship with them, about constant telepathic contact with them. Among the toothless “old men” are many those who remember their reincarnations and can tell about it in full detail, being just 2 years of age. As the child grows, these facts grow with detail, names of people, locations come up. These children who can imperturbably sit and settle differences with each other mentally, attacking each other energetically. How can common teachers and psychologists work with such children, when they are unfamiliar with presence of energies and fully ignore them?!

          When exhibitions/lectures are conducted, very serious questions on the role of space in the life of modern man are discussed, reproductions of Rerikh, Vasiliev, Marugin are shown, classical music is played, the children come. The children who came with their parents were informed about the exhibition before and made their own decision to come. They give special attention to the pictures of Valeriy Marugin. His pictures are known for the special vision of the world and this especially attracts the Indigo children, not surprising them. They say also that they’ve seen that before, the vision of the 3-11 old matches the vision of the famous artist! The sound of classical music doesn’t irritate them, they like it. When the grown ups meditate, the children sit quietly in the hall or move silently, watching the exposition. First coming to these exhibitions somewhat aroused and noisy, they quite down. I saw their open eyes and mouths, to that they don’t always understand the meaning of the said, but they definitely feel the quality of the energy.

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