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          Exciting, mysterious celebration, when people go to church for water, which doesn’t get spoiled the whole year round. Many children’s illnesses and misfortunes are still cured very simply in the country – by washing with the Jordan water, collected on the 18th of January and by drying with ones hem. Or take diving into the ice-hole, to my mind its impossible to express one’s love any harder, keeping in mind that this deed takes place while its freezing cold of -15 to -30C and sometimes wind can happen. First I had the chance to witness this near Tobolsk in Siberia at the walls of the Abalaksk monastery in 2003 году. We gather spontaneously in the evening and then we rush to the Abalaksk monastery at five in the morning. Three hours of journey on deserted road and we are in the temple, where the service takes place. Eyes catch the dirt and dusty corners with web. When priests appear, eyes find dirt under their fingernails, and at that moment those fingers would consecrate the water for those willing to dive into the swimming bath made right in the river. Last drop was the washroom with frozen rivers of sewage in the radius of 1,5 m. In confusion I turn around and see idly staggering monks, eating sunflower seeds. Not in a single church, I’ve seen many all over Russia, do I remember such a washroom. Inside of me a protest started to emerge and the will to dive into the river for the act of baptizing disappeared. In dismay we descend towards the river, where upon certain procedures with the water people started to plunge into the ice-hole. Two large ice-holes have been cut, to one of them from both sides led the wooden stairs with rails and nearby stood two dressing rooms for men and for women. There was one more ice-hole, in which a cross cut out of ice has floated freely. The purpose of another ice-hole has remained unclear, but as I think it was for taking water.

          We attentively view the people plunging into the ice-hole. From men’s dressing room ran out clearly no sober men shouting out loudly, and with the same sounds echoing the surroundings they’ve jumped into the water. At that moment I saw their shrunken auras and the dirt that was coming up to the surface. To that these spots spread and didn’t disappear, didn’t wash away. “So what’s the point?!” – thought I looking in confusion at the happily shouting people. The wind and the frost have finally evaporated every desire to plunge in and to dive out with spots of dirt on the aura, one’s own however. What’s next? What is to be done about this dirt?

          At that moment, the women went in. They were dressed in shirts closed around the necks and at the sleeves. They’ve also laughed loudly, shouted and made lots of noise. There were children with them who even cried and resisted. When the group of women has gone and there has become relatively calm, an old woman came out. She didn’t walk, she literally swam. She calmly approached the ice-hole, she christened three times slowly and only then has she begun to descend into the water. I haven’t heard a single sigh even a breath. I had a thought: “In such condition one may even go to the fire.” This woman knew what she was doing and she did it in full inner calm. With dignity, having plunged three times she began calmly ascending the steps and she moved to the dressing room. Aura!! Her aura has been just as shrunk at first, same as with the rest of divers and then it sparkled and it shined from the inside. In this shinning the dirt on the surface started to melt. There appeared the desire to repeat. I’m not sorry! To that we did it for the first time. I want to say one thing: the charge of happiness and energy lasted for a couple of days, to that it was so catchy, that many wished to experience this upon having heard our story.

          “Baptizing and Eucharist initially were the symbols of joining to the spiritual life. All the mysteries of antiquity were the ceremonies full of deep inner meaning. But, all that makes sense only in spirit, and of course none of the mechanical manipulations could give us the spiritual revival or joining up to something without the participation of spirit.” From the letters of E.I. Rerikh

          The days given for bathing in the ice-hole have elapsed, but a lot of questions have remained. Why don’t the people fall ill after plunging into the ice-hole? Why in every spring the water becomes consecrated? Why have some people left with dark dirty spots on the aura? And what is there to be done for it to become clean in the first day after bathing in the ice-hole? All the questions remained unanswered till January next year.

          18th of January 2004. Again we leave the city. We wash in the bath; we talk quietly about the sacrament of baptizing. We prepare plenty of water, bringing it outdoors for consecration. By whom?! And by what?! At dawn realizing the importance of the moment we go outdoors to pour water upon ourselves and we find our capacities completely frozen. We take buckets full of water in the bath, two for each person and go out to pour water over ourselves. The time has coincided with the Sunrise. Then we didn’t pay attention to this. Having armed ourselves with cameras we started to make photos of those who pour water over themselves – nothing! Nothing has happened to anyone! Then I take the decision for everyone to enter the house, while we together with one woman who hasn’t yet participated in the above remained. I start telling her: “Only then will you take buckets with water and pour them upon yourself when you will know why you are doing this. Take the inner decision – do you need this.” Seconds go by and the woman bends down for the bucket, trying to bring it up. At that moment the handle of the bucket breaks off as if saying that the water has nothing to do with it. She spends some time fixing the handle in place and at that time she thinks and gets tuned in.

          The three photos below are made with the interval of several seconds without the flashlight, it was rather bright. The lead like darkness is the proof of the following advances of Energy.

19th of January 2004 – 08:40 – Sunrise

          The conclusion: the water as means special co-tuning in frost and wind – is a feat for many. The inner state of Calm and Quietness is important while understanding for what purpose the person is doing it, i.e. his realization. At this moment for some people there happens the reconsideration of values. It is useless to plunge someone into the swimming bath or to push into the ice-hole who doesn’t understand what is happening.

          Looking at the photographs one can see the advances of Energies from the outside. And the more powerful is the inner impulse the higher would be the order of energies that would pour down on a person.

          The most interesting started to happen to this woman a little later. This was rage, claims to everyone nearby. The attempt to contain herself resulted in even greater vigor of breaking out inner dissatisfaction with all and everyone. On the way to Tuomen, having finally terrorized the people around, she began calling home, expressing angrily her claims to her husband.

          “Baptizing with Fire! Everything inside the person turns upside down. Everything that hinders the Life of God in Him – Burns down. The person turns out and shakes out the ashes. And what remains – is unburnable.” Rikla “Fire of The Unified Cosmos”

          This vigor of the accumulated negative inside must be burned out on one’s own, fighting one’s sides of the character which are not the best – this what baptizing means. This is what everyone should get ready for.

          Who of us is not familiar with the words of Evangels from Lukas: “I baptize you with water, but the one who is following me is stronger, he will baptize you with Holly Spirit and Fire.”

          “By accepting the baptizing with water from Johan the Baptist, Christ has shown him his respect and spiritual solidarity. But nowhere in Evangels is it said that Jesus has done this ritual with his apostles and disciples. The baptizing with water was established right after Christ has left the Earth. But Christ gave his disciples the FIERY baptizing, i.e. purification and fiery transformation of the inner being. The fiery baptizing is done over us, after our spirit has tempered in life’s examinations and hardships and will get hold of the control of one’s passions. Baptizing with water – is the symbol of purification, but what is the sense to baptize babies, who can’t understand the meaning of this symbol?” E.I. Rerikh

          “Is it possible for religion to baptize with holly Fire? This question is a bomb. Then why and in whose name do they baptize with water, despite the Benevolent Message of Jesus Christ?” Rikla “Fire of The Unified Cosmos”

          And let anyone on whom the water was shed or anyone who dived into the ice-hole answer this for himself. The more questions we can answer by ourselves the better it is for us. Most important is that the questions come up, because without the questions there will be no answers.

          19th of January 2005. It was remembered in Vedic temples how on that day Krishen gave fire to the people dying from frosts, during the Great Icing. Then he poured from the celestial Svari the magic Suria upon the Earth. Suria – Sun – is the Vedic Knowledge for Earth – Genuine Knowledge.

Suria – is the honey wandering the grass!
Suria – is Red Sun as Well!
Suria – is the clear understanding of Vedas!

          That day Suria pours onto the earth, making all waters healing, that’s why the people who believe and know bath and take water from the springs. This means that Suria goes out from the Sun, meaning – it is the Energy, by seeing and feeling which one can get the Knowledge. With this question we have gone out to the country on January 19th 2005. It was a bright and somehow very clear day. And the Sun has been bright as well. Brighter than ever, calling, attracting attention. Several people with different cameras start to take pictures of the sun. I consider the following pictures as most interesting and indicative.

          There is a clear vision of the forming cross around the Sun. Do pay attention to the bright spots – this is not a trick with lenses. In this direction moves a person, viewing the Sun, and the spots gather above man’s head almost bunch like.

19th of January 2005

19th of January 2005

          “The Sun has something important to say and to give to the World. The Sun is not just a ball of gas, as it is being described by modern physics. Sun is the sum of the Spiritual beings. They form a group around a certain being. This being we can identify as Mikhail. Mikhail is acting out of the Sun.

           … Long ago and now does his Creation on Earth the Image of Ingenious Christ Proto Archangel Mikhail for this purpose! The Sun Lord! His mission is in the following: He works over the intellect. He is looking for Genuine intellectuals. Not the ones with seals and diplomas. No. He is searching for long ago formed Essence of intellect of this individuality. His search is strict. He studies. He tests at a distance the will of individuality; he provides something Fiery, something of his own. He isn’t visiting mobs and masses. He doesn’t approach the self-complacent. He puts out self-delusion straight away. The ones preaching he directs towards themselves, giving them the mirror. The Archangel is strict and severe. They are One with Lord Moria. If the Archangel Mikhail casts a glance on the individual possessing the intellect, the consciousness is quivering. Soul is tormented. And the whole of the Essence is begging for forgiveness. We learn: Mikhail makes the choice. Rikla – nears the chosen. With his power he works over… and sends to the social surrounding. Will the intellects be confirmed or destroyed is up to the person. Only the few withstand.” Rikla “Fire of The Unified Cosmos”

          No need to add anything to those words, hear everything is said to a large extent, one needs only to think it over.

19th of January 2005

19th of January 2005

          Wonderful phenomena began to happen in the sky of Tuomen starting from spring 2004, but all has started from the bright-rose rainbow, which has covered all of the city, nearby there began to rise another one, but it hasn’t grown to a full bow. And on the subtle level there was the third. In the sky there ravaged a joyful thunder and there stood an arc of Rainbows. Inside the hemisphere was filled with Rose Light. This took place on 19th of June 2004 at 22-00. The rainbow has been seen by a handful of people, but the storm has been noticed by many. It evoked the feeling of joy. In the evening in autumn there started to appear two spots of green-blue and rose radiation above the city which resembled the polar shinning, but Tuomen – is the south of the region and the temperature was around +10C. At the same time starting from December 2004 there were rainbows seen in the sky in strong frosts, not even the fragments, but bows. From horizon to horizon like after a may thunder, only the color has been less intensive. Then in January 2005 – the appearance of equidimensional cross in the sky around the Sun. By spring of 2005 the quantity of rainbows has grown so much that double rainbows stopped surprising anyone.

          In the section “Aura” you have been shown the advances of energy into human aura and here is how the New Energies express themselves in the aura of the city, i.e. in the atmosphere. In the Sky there is shade of color like in the human aura! In July 2005 photographs were made, when to the rainbow of seven colors there added two more – SALAD (green-blue) and ROSE. We were lucky to impress the Rainbow of Nine colors. Two New colors, two New energies in the auras of people, in the aura of the city, and in the Aura of the Planet there continues the construction of two new energy bodies.


          In the premises of the apartment house while the recommendation has been given to a person regarding the reading of books by Rikla “Fire of The Unified Cosmos”, there flashed a rainbow on the ceiling, consisting already of usual colors – SALAD and ROSE. There is something strange in these rainbows; they sometimes can be viewed for an hour and a half.

          Upon having read these books the heart of a person starts to strive to the places of Energy, facilitating and amplifying the distribution of New Energies over the Planet. One of such places is the Valley of YARLU or the Valley of Edelweiss, where the advances of energy are seen by an unarmed eye.


          From many parts of Russia, neighboring and faraway countries, there gather people in the Valley of YARLU, the place of Energy. Some have heard the Call, some came to meditate, some to be healed. The Place of Energy has been discovered by Rikla, who has dedicated the Stone to the five Signs of Fire. The Master Stone is surrounded by the Stone City, which is made up of walls with guard towers, which have been laid out by people coming to the Valley. In the City itself stand the pyramids, constructed by people from various cities. In the Valley of YARLU one can hear that when we are carrying the stones for the pyramid, those are the stones of our Karma. By looking at the photograph of the place of Energy and the constructed pyramid, in a difficult moment for a person, being thousands of kilometers away, there comes a clear understanding of what is happening to him and calm, giving the possibility to overcome all hardships.

          We are living at a wonderful time and enormous possibilities are given for spiritual joining. But instead of joining with gratitude, there are people who say while looking at the aura pictures of a person, Nine color rainbows and energies manifesting in the form of the Washing Rain, that all this is a collage, or shuffling of facts. And maybe, man of science, its time to start searching deeply these phenomena. This would give the opportunity to fill in the missing links in the unknown worlds and the spiritual life of a man.

          In the end of the 19th century the French scientist Camille Flammarion began to study the circles around the Sun and the Moon and he came to understand the existence of Soul and inhabitation of other Planets. For these conclusions he was nearly deprived of his scientific grade and transferred to the class of amateurs. Not once has he been evicted and fired from the universities of Europe for “heretic views”.

          340 years before the birth of Flammarion, another scientist – Jordano Bruno – has been burned in Rome for the teaching about the endlessness of the Universe and multiplicity of inhabited worlds.

          “The view of stars in the sky still remains the most graceful of all the pictures and the book about the sky – the most remarkable of all the books. Lets enjoy this picture and look into it more attentively; we shall read this book to become more wise, noble, moral, and perfect.” Camille Flammarion

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