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          After the Second World War in Great Britain, there started to develop a new type of activity in psychiatry – the art therapy. At that time the art studios functioned only within the psychiatric clinics. By the year 1970, art therapy developed into a system with traditional psycho-therapeutic approaches and theories.

          Please note: psychiatrist, psychologist, there is always the first syllable Psy present, but few know that in this case the psychic energy of a person is envisaged.

          I’m not an art therapeutic by education, but I’ll share with you some material, which has been elaborated by the “Adamant” center. Everything started with kids who were brought in by their parents for the aura picture. In the process of consultation, the child was offered a pencil box. If the aura of the child was torn, then on the drawings there prevailed dismal colors (brown, dirty-green). If the aura is withering the pencil selected will be black or the child will draw only with ball pen. As the aura grows, the color of the drawing would become more bright and colorful. Now many parents view the drawings of their children, marking the dynamics of growth or decrease in color.

          With the older children one should follow the composition and plot. If there are monsters and reptiles present for a lasting period, the aura picture would track energy loss and forcible intrusions.

          Somehow it happened that the kids have invited me to draw together with them. A big sheet of paper of A3 format was taken, from one end draws the child from the other one me. Sometimes our drawings are separated by clean paper, i.e. there is no full contact. Sometimes it happens that the child won’t even touch the sheet of paper with a brush or pencil. In such cases no changes take place in the aura of the child, this is confirmed by the photo of the aura before and after.

          If a child enjoys drawing together, then we see the result as on photos 1, 2.

Фото 1
Foto 1.

Фото 2
Foto 2.

          Photo 1 – the aura is of dark-blue and violet colors. One can see the characteristic traces of intrusion into the aura. The child suffers from bad sleep accompanied by nightmares, bad mood, he is very irritable. At the physical level – a long lasting cold, constantly congested nose with purulent secretions. On his side of the drawing a black tank and explosions are drawn. From my side – are drawn rosy flowers and stars. The child stops drawing and admires the flowers from the other end of a sheet. I suggest to turn the sheet and to draw on my drawing, to that I receive a cheerful consent. I look attentively at what he is about to draw: the tank or rosy flowers? The child looks at the drawing for a long time, but he is not deciding to draw. Then I start talking about the tank, that it means death for such nice rosy flowers, if it will ride over them. And in any case, tank means war, pain and suffering. Let there be no tank, we shall transform it into a flower pot, and nice flowers will be growing out from the pot. The child agrees immediately and starts drawing flowers at my drawing for him. It is this very drawing that he took with him and has hanged it home over the bed.

          The 2nd photo of the aura has been made after our second meeting, during which the mother have told that the boy sleeps better, the breathing has been restored and the symptoms of cold have almost gone. Again we have the sheet of paper before us. I ask the question: “What will you draw?” He replies: “The Candle! The lamp! And lots of mugs for each member of the family.” The drawing will turn out to be bright and joyful. This is the example, when the child makes contact, and it is significant of how with the alteration of aura changes the subject of the drawing.

          There is a child of four, who enjoys drawing very much. To that he is not even afraid of a big cut of fabric and a complicated technique of child-batik. Once during the selection of fabric there fell out a big piece of dark blue satin. The boy grabbed it and pressed it to his face with the words: “It’s like Cosmos!” He repeats the word “Cosmos” many times. On his silk pictures – are the spirals, planets and stars… He insisted that the planet of violet color should have golden trail. And one more nuance: before painting he took pleasure in viewing works by V. Morugin accompanied by music. Accordingly the aura of this kid shines with every color of New Age.

          Joint drawing on mutual consent – it’s like a handshake. This action – is like the touch, it is the exchange of energy. You don’t have to touch a child even with your finger, just draw with him and his aura will regenerate. And on the contrary, if the mother seeing the result with one child will bring the other, but the other one is not making a contact: verbal or by touch. The result is zero.

          Gradually, the adults started to draw as well. Here one could learn the feelings and emotions of a person while analyzing the drawing. It all starts from viewing the pictures, it’s good that now we have the originals of V. Morugin’s works. A man sits in front of the painting, viewing it while listening to the Music. At such moment before one’s inner view images, flowers and color combinations can flow. It is very important to draw (according to my observations) what one sees. Color and combinations – present the quality of energy, namely it is this range that the aura of a person usually lacks, or this color is of very dirty shades. The people tell about the feeling of heat waves along the trunk, sometimes the unknown images arise from the depth of being, evoking a cascade of tears. But usually, the feelings are very pleasant and unfelt till this very moment. Then the person starts to draw. The style of drawing could be any, but painting on silk is the favorite – these are the handkerchiefs – palatines, very tiny handkerchiefs and even silk ties. The person picks up the size and the quality of a fabric on his own. Then the painted silk handkerchief stays in the pocket during hard negotiations, helping to stand one’s ground. Or finally there appears strength to say straight in the eye to another person such things that until this very moment one couldn’t even dream of saying. During painting there come out the features and qualities of a character, which the person lacked until now.

          A girl, who has been painting a tie for herself, told that when she has put it on, there came forth things in her surrounding of which she could only guess. Everything crystallized and it was clear how in fact different people feel towards you. Next step are the actions, one should start talking about the seen with those who are involved in this. But the girl didn’t dare. So she had a severe cold and some strange barking cough. Naturally, during her illness she didn’t wear a tie, but when she had enough of her cough, she simply put it around her neck… the cough stopped almost immediately. And with it gone she has found the strength to talk to people. Before that, the dialogue simply didn’t stick together, i.e. she just kept silence.

          It is interesting to observe how at the hand of a kid who has dipped a rather thick brush into paint and then having printed it on silk there starts to grow a flower with distinct contours, volume and shades. The inner, deep impulse of energy has spilled out. After that one might think about the author’s works, i.e. about the energy potential, feelings and emotions in the moment of creation.

          I will make an example, there was a palatine brought to our center, made in the batik technique. One might say that this is very fine and on the outside faultless work. The author is a very good designer, but she is wounded inside. The essence of the problem – is the loneliness with the existing husband and friends. She said that she has painted the palatine for a man who is married, but who wants to present this palatine to another woman whom he loves. Then he half-whispers that they will never be together. This is a key note of the work. Lonely woman –author brings in her energy regarding this union. She seals it with a beautifully painted sheet of monstera, which is in fact rendered by people as means to deter men. Wearing this palatine, rare woman would refuse such a “beauty” to that given as a present by the loved one, it is likely to part not only with this man, but all the others will be kept away at a distance of the cannon shot, because on palatine there is a seal in the form of woman’s loneliness.

          Let’s speak of another handkerchief as well. In the process of meditation a woman started to paint, something began to make me aware, though the painting was very original. This person has been visiting our center for a while; she makes the aura pictures, talks her problems over, bringing them to a solution afterwards. But! There happens to be one inner door, which she doesn’t open, but if you point it to her, she stops the conversation immediately. In the process of drawing, especially if one is drawing not with the mind, but following the motions of one’s hand, that secret door may open. Then all the garbage will be brought out to the surface, i.e. on paper or silk, this is what has happened in this case. The analysis of what has been painted happened immediately and the person took this piece of fine silk with the expressed negative energy on it to be burned.

          What do you think how many newspapers and bottles of varnish removal liquid you may need to burn a 35-gram piece of silk? As it turned out to be – quite plenty, and even on fire, it gave soot and smoke, the only thing it didn’t shriek, i.e. it has behave like a living creature. Indeed, it was inside a person. As it turned out to be, one can get rid of destruction with the help of drawing. It is important, that the energy spilled out in the process of artistic expression can live its own life. And this life can be either creative or destructive in accordance with the potential.

          Many probably have seen children’s garments (such is the flight of the designer’s creative thought) with scull and bones all over the child’s back. Or with the spider and the web in the region of the heart center. The child wearing the symbol of death instead of protective sign on his back is always in danger. And can you find your way to the heart entangled by sticky web of selfness?

          Symbols – their force and their might! Ornament and symbol – is the face of civilization. We have lost everything like the gift of recognition and intuition. In ancient times there existed the language of ornament through which the Secrets of the World were transmitted. A symbol facilitating easy birth was introduced into garments of a young woman. The solar (sun) symbols were placed at the house roof to symbolize the sun.

          And who has never heard of runes? This is sublimated energy, giving the understanding of the Universe and its laws, helping the man in life. Looking at the ornament, signs on the clothes of medieval knights and fabled heroes of the artist K. Vasiliev, I have noted this difference. The ornament of Sadko was present only on his clothes. And suddenly my eye caught (for a countless time you fascinate me, the Great Russian) the sign of the Supreme God – Votan at the picture of K. Vasiliev, painted in 1969. Where have I seen it?! In the magazine, it lay on my seat during the embarkation to the train!! It is surprising, but I took it with me.







Фото 1

Фото 2

          In the magazine there was the exact copy of the “round seal”, so it was named by the eyewitnesses at the wheat fields of England. Within certain periods there appear similar signs. The sign depicted here was found in Auberry in Wilshire on 16th of July 2005. For centuries and millenniums Cosmos is talking to us in its own language, and there is so many love and help in it, one only needs to understand it. If one looks in, feels in those symbols, one can learn a lot about oneself and the surrounding world.

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