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          In this chapter we shall view the role of art in the spiritual rise of a man. The special influence of music on a person has been noted long ago. Music is a set of notes and you remember that the chakras respond to a specific note. This means that while listening to the music, one can either rise or fall in Spirit. No higher than second chakra is activated to the cacophony of low frequency rock. But there happen to be such vocal and music sounds which get a response in the Anahata (4th energy center).

          Rikhard Wagner was one of the first composers, who spoke about the theory of All-art and the synestesic qualities of human perception. SYNESTESIA – is the phenomenon of a complex sensing, based upon visual and hearing perceptions. At the end of his artist’s career, while searching of comprehension of the phenomenon of Jesus, Wagner writes the “Parsifal”. He tried to translate the Impulse of Jesus into music. Wagner’s music served as an impulse for the artist Constantine Vasiliev in his search for the essence of the Russian nation. Vasiliev has always displayed his works together with the sound of music. Those of his pictures we shall discuss, he recommended to see, while listening to the works of Wagner.

          Man has always been troubled by the question, where does the illumination and inspiration come from. The genuine art derives from the world of Spirit. All the ideas find themselves on a Subtle level. I will tell you how I did receive the information, which Constantine Vasiliev has depicted in symbols, having installed the knowledge of fact of Heavenly Creation on Earth. Vasiliev has shown the way of Rikla in the forms of Earth and the construction of the most potent Magnet – the Maternal. Having come close to the understanding of processes that will take place in Russia in the near future and the role of the Russian nation in this Creation, the artist Constantine The Great Russian (pseudonym of Vasiliev) has paid a high price – his life. There are many variants to treat the work and reasons of the artist’s early death. The question still worries the people and in the book of comments in Kazan I have read: “Why did Constantine Vasiliev had to go so early? Did he come to a place there is no way out? Or did he learn what he shouldn’t have learned?” Why does a person who sees the pictures of C. Great Russian is troubled by these questions, where do they stem from?

          Every artist’s canvas has a psycho-energetic impact, and a person who feels on a subtle level will grasp the information, but he will not be always able to decipher it. One thing is for certain – the late pictures of C. Vasiliev are so powerful that they leave no one indifferent. I have heard from people that the picture “Man with an owl” pictures a Russian Wizard, this is how one can name the power which is felt, but not comprehended.

          In 2003 I have known of such an artist, but I haven’t seen his pictures. Not long before all the events I have read “The Treasures of Valkiria” by S. Alekseev, and I was shaken by information between the lines and its truth. In the early spring during the meditation I have heard: “You are Valkiria!” The first impression was that there was some distortion of energy, one must be able to filter the information. But this energy started to “knock” more and more often and I began to disregard it more and more. Somehow it didn’t fit in the events and tasks of that period. The less attention I’ve paid to this information, the more persistently people around me have started to talk about Valkiria. The Reminder also came from the television screen. But the last drop was… the dairy butter, bought late in the evening and brought home to one of the center’s employees. As you may have guessed the butter was called Valkiria! I began to search for the link between Valkiria – the messenger of death in Scandinavian epos and the events taking place around. And it was found…

          At the beginning of summer 2003 our center has finally bought the equipment which could trace the human aura. This was preceded by a difficult period of center’s formation, part of the employees simply couldn’t stand the flow of energies and left us. With some we had to part, despite the pain of loss, because behind their deeds and words one could see the tentacles of the anti world. While looking from today everything seems so smooth and simple, but back then… The aura camera which was brought worked, but something happened with the printer. I had to go to Moscow again, there the equipment worked! The second trip to Tuomen with the aura camera took place on the 8th of July 2003.

On 8th of July the Creation of the Initial Consecration of the Maternal Magnet is appointed.

          This is how the steps of the “Adamant” center began to coincide with the landmarks of Creation of Rikla and the Ain Race. Then we have started to trace New energies not organic to the human aura. And having received the photograph from the Ain Urdeya, made at the foundation point of one of the sides of the Maternal Magnet, where energy advances are of the same color as on the last period aura photos of people, we have finally got persuaded – we are on the right way!

          During the trip for the aura-camera, in Moscow there came an irresistible desire to visit the museum of C. Vasiliev. When we traveled to museum, the journey on the underground circular line stopped for 30-40 minutes. It was evident, how important that was and what resistance was taking place. We are in the museum, at last. Our first encounter is with the picture “Man with an owl.” We calmly view the exposition, and the question: “Did you understand?” is ringing in the head. “What must I understand?” – I wanted to shout at that time. All by themselves my legs carried me to the canvas “Valkiria over the killed warrior”.

          C. Vasiliev liked to say: “The spectator – is the creator to the same degree as the painter”.

C. Vasiliev “Valkiria over the killed warrior”.

          Valkiria standing in front of Zigfrid lifts the treacherously killed warrior with a gesture. This is the third variant, painted not long before death. This means he had a presentiment? The first one is in Kazan, in artist’s gallery. At this picture, Valkiria points to the righteous warrior Zigfrid at the rainbow, along which one can get to the city of Gods Vagalla. Constantine Vasiliev has been buried accompanied by Wagner’s march “On Zigfrid’s death”. I have asked the eyewitnesses: “Why?” “This was the will of the artist himself” – I was replied in Kazan.

          Months have gone by, there was a lot of work in the center, late in the evenings I have leafed through the catalogue of Vasiliev’s paintings. “Northern Eagle” and “The Giant” have caught my eye. What is there in common? This one and the same image! The Image of Rikla! But why is there an axe? The confirmation of the rightness of direction didn’t have to be waited long. During the conversation with Urdeya I hear: “Father has chopped so much wood, more than one KamAZ truck could hold”.

C. Vasiliev “Northern Eagle”

          At the picture “The Giant” we can see the same face, only there appears a whip in his hand – sign of self-restriction, and before the Giant – is the oak sprout as the sign of strength and infinity. “Take care of the sprout – your Race”, - the Lords used to tell Rikla.

          Constantine Vasiliev possessed a rare gift of depicting fire. Its life continues on the canvases, gaining power even when the lights are off. Only the artist who has realized the Essence of Fire can paint it!

          And the last, final work of C. The Great Russian “Man with an owl”, after finalizing which he would say: “I have realized what and how I must paint”. In several months this Warrior of Light who has contacted and realized the Light will be pushed under the train by darkness. But to this very day the picture touches people’s souls and people try to decipher it!

C. Vasiliev “The Giant”
C. Vasiliev “Man with an owl”

The sign of Equidimensional Cross
at the point of Energy, where Ak-Kem and Katun rivers merge.

The author displayed the picture accompanied by introduction to the first act of “Parsifal” by Wagner.

Rikla –Persifal - First One born Light of form of Impulse of Love. Upon descend from Higher Spheres, the word has formed itself to Parsifal – A – Absolute.


          1976 – the year of the picture’s birth and of author’s death. So burns the scroll with the name of Constantine The Great Russian, showing the author’s burn and burn down in this fire. As on the picture “The Giant”, the oak sprout is in front of him. The leaves are set in the manner of trifolium – the symbol of enlightenment. The oak sprout and the trifolium – are the Ain Race, bearing True Knowledge. The candle in hand – is the Light of the Russian Soul, Fire which ignites in people’s hearts. Whip – without limitations there is no Ascending. Owl – wisdom, knowledge, an eye which sees day and night alike. And above – is the Boundless Universe.

          Constantine The Great Russian – Son of Great Russia – has seen the Creation on a Planetary level back in 1976. Thanks to Maternal Magnet, constructed in 2003 in Altai, every man on Earth received the chance for Renaissance and Spiritual Rise through the Expanding of Consciousness. So let the Cosmic Energies flow in Purity. People, take them! Improve the forms!

          In the Earthly forms, the Maternal Magnet is designated by merge of Ak-Kem-Katun, Argut-Katun, Shalva-Argut rivers in Altai. This is the isosceles triangle, two sides of which equal to 7,2 cm, and 11,5 cm at the base! (Scale of five kilometer map). The main function of the Maternal Magnet – is the impact on people’s minds with the purpose to expand their consciousness. The Maternal Magnet is the Teraphim, i.e. the accumulator of creative energy of the Universe, where high potential is maintained, which spreads horizontally to vast territories. The potential of the energy can be used not only in the Earthly Worlds, but in the Universe as well to eliminate destructive situations. All work is done on a Subtle level, one can see it on photographs or with a Spiritual vision.

          There are many sources which say that the Renaissance of Planet’s spiritual potential will start with Russia, and to be more precise – with Siberia. Ancient prophecies say that the last battle of Armageddon will take place in Siberia on Katun river. “This is strange and fascinating – everywhere over the land people praise Altai. The mountains are beautiful, cedars are mighty, rivers are rapid, and flowers are unique. And on Katun river there should be the last battle in the world, and after that peaceful labor.” The expedition diary “Altai – Himalayas” N.K. Rerikh.

          Compare the two pictures, two Creations and you will see One Essence. On the left there stands a forest in rows, reaching beyond the horizon. Even the hillock at the front is the same. The only distinction – instead of a man with an owl, standing on the ground and supporting the sky, there is a streaming energy flow which shows itself quite distinctively in color in the auras of the people beginning from 2003.

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