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THE ENERGY DOCTOR (рус версия)


           Every system of the Cosmos – from atom to human being, from human being to planets and stars – represent some sort of a living being, which finds itself in the continuous energy and information exchange. This being is born, lives and develops in accordance with the laws organic to it and known as the Cosmic.

          There exist the vertical energy flows between the magnetic sphere, ion sphere, stratosphere… etc, that is what we can call the Aura of the Earth, in this way substantial energy supplements enter the space of the planet from the Aura of the Earth itself and through it from Cosmos. To that the mineral deposits, especially big ones present a certain energy conduct and the human activity directed at extraction of the minerals is a planned destruction of the planet’s vital systems, in fact this very conduct of electricity is cut off.

          The second type of human activity – is the energy production. The European energy net is operated with the electric current frequency of 50 Hz. America – 60 Hz. Namely this current – is resonant to the circular currents of Earth. To that America produces the Energy near the Canadian border and transmits it through 16 high voltage lines from North to South of the USA and this transmission coincides with the magnetic meridian of Earth, this represents a threat of unpredicted geophysical effects.

          The planets in Cosmos conduct their dialogue in certain frequency range. For example Jupiter and Sun have conducted it in mega hertz range. Why have? Because the development of radio communications on Earth has forced these planets to make dialogue in giga hertz range, in which… the radio industry has began to get active on the level of the governmental programmes.

          Now lets go back to a human being as a form of planet Earth. The main electromagnetic frequencies of a human being range between 0,07 and 250 hertz. In this range are now seismic frequencies and geomagnetic processes. Depending on our thinking we can either harmonize or make chaotic the processes on Earth, up to the earthquakes.

          “The distribution of thoughts in space has a very complicated pattern. The thoughts hang above their creator and fill up the atmosphere around. The thought has the ability to get thicker and even to crystallize into stable forms.” The Verges of Agni-Yoga.

          I want to dwell specially on radio phones. As soon as there appeared the first models, same time there appeared strange headaches. It is no secret for anyone that communication by telephone is unsafe for human aura, even for five minutes, there forms a stable anomaly in the region of head. Often the aura photo distinctly shows the habit of putting the receiver to the left or right ear, namely there would occur the zone of destruction. Everyone remembers the fashion of carrying the phone over the breast? In the region of the most important energy centers of a human being like cordial and solar interlacement. One can trace a certain concern, what if these centers would start functioning powerfully and correctly all over sudden? But most of all I was shaken by an innovation: permanent installation of a part of the radio phone into an ear, which embraces all of the head. Someone wants to turn us into robots ever more. Can anyone answer: what information can be transmitted through this source of communication to the “bio robot.” Every effort is made for a man to loose his capabilities completely. In reality we don’t need phones to communicate with one another, a person can communicate with the other person and every other forms of life with the thought. There is such impression that there takes place a full scale isolation of Earth from other planets and Cosmos, about isolating the human being from Cosmos and Earth we shall speak below.

Foto 1.
          This is the photo of a person using the fashionable device, in the region of his head one can see a firm disruption of the aura. Firm – because the aura restores itself with great difficulty in such cases. Before this fact the aura of this person has been whole with every color of the New Age, about which one can read in the article «The man’s Way to The Fire».

          Photo 2 – the know-how of the lingo phone methodic of German medics (telephones over the ear), for which there had to be paid more than one dozen euro. In the result – is the completely destroyed aura of the child. How this aura looked before the visit to Germany, one can see in the article «Dolphin – the conductor of energy». The trip to Germany took place after visits to the dolphins.

          Our desire to get healed by means of technical achievements can cost some people their lives! As the analysis shows, the technical achievements drive the person more and more away from self-study.

Foto 2.

Foto 3.
          Photo 3 – represents a more prosaic story. This woman has made efforts to change herself, but as it usually happens, our vices show themselves in direct proportion to our efforts. At the first stage she has coped, aura (the photo is lost) has been whole, of an orange-yellow specter. We all have a step in self-perfection, where we can get delayed for long. This person is not capable of expressing the inner protest with words and as a consequence she has pains in the neck. At a certain stage, the pain has been very strong, but all the existing stock of knowledge didn’t give any result. Then the person takes the decision – to calm the pain (which is an emergency light) by means of electric treatment. The photo is made after eight sessions of electric treatment, which didn’t give the desired effect, but only enhanced the pain. Only this time everything ached, which is within the distinctly seen hole in the aura.

          Here is one more example that gave birth to the name of this article. My comments are below, first of all I suggest reading what writes a person who has received serious experience in perception:

          “In November 2005 I have bought the device “Energy doctor” (the producer is “Bonus Life” company, Russia). At that time I was looking out for such a type of activity business which could bring me moral as well as material fulfillment. Old acquaintances of our family suggested that I could conclude a deal with the newly emerged Russian company called “Bonus Life”, which has been offering the devices for protection against electro-magnetic emissions. The information in the reference literature on the use of production brought in confidence: the internationally famous Russian scientists, famous institutes and laboratories have participated in elaboration of devices, every device has been made by country’s defense industry enterprises, documentation (certificates of quality, research data, etc) are in complete order, the doctors from various cities of Russia have recommended the “Energy Doctor” to their patients.

          The idea itself was very attractive, now there is so much information about harm caused by electromagnetic fields, but how one can protect himself in the modern city environment is completely unknown. It was comforting that the producing company is our own, Russian, that at last the achievements of our scientists got implemented at home (our scientists are the most clever in the world). It was pleasant to acknowledge, that there are yet no analogues to these devices on the market, that they can be of great help to the people. Even the price of 10 000 rubles didn’t scare off.

          The creators of “The Energy Doctor” promised recovery of a bio field of a man, better health and to get rid of many chronic diseases. The technical characteristics of the device really impressed: active range – 3m, complete protection from all kinds of electro-magnetic fields during 3 years, safe exploitation and no counter indications. As for the distributors of the device, they were entitled to a good remuneration in cash. For best result it was suggested to carry the device at the level of solar interlacement, which I did and during the night time, I’ve placed the “Energy Doctor” under the pillow. During six months I have believed in the effectiveness of the device and in some way didn’t part with it. The doubts about its usefulness started to appear on the background of my worsening health. I have experienced constant feeling of tiredness and fatigue; I have begun to sleep for 14-18 hours per day. I have rarely gone out for a walk; I didn’t have the strength to carry out elementary household deeds. My relations with the family have worsened; I was constantly irritated by something, cried often and was hysterical. I have abandoned business and soon I’ve understood that I’m depressed and I must escape this condition.

          For a start I have made the diagnostics according to the method of Korotkov, which have shown that I practically lack the bio field and vitally important systems of the body are on the verge of a breakdown. The photograph of the aura has confirmed this and has completed the picture. I have decided not to wear “The Energy Doctor” any more, to take all the devices of the company out from my dwelling and to destroy them. There could be no question about further activity as a salesman-distributor of devices (at that moment I was offered to head a branch in one of the regions), the truth is I’ve got persuaded vividly how does “The Energy Doctor” work in reality.

          Having no genuine knowledge about the human aura, about such notion as the energy, about the laws of Cosmos and organization of the world, depending only on bare data of the technical parameters of the device and on scientific articles, I have been destroying myself with my own hands. After a series of visits to the healer, reading of almanacs, books of Fire and the works by E.I. Rerikh, visiting the exhibition of works by V. Morugin, my condition has began to improve, little by little, the aura has began to restore itself (I have seen it on pictures), often stays in the nature have also helped my restoring, little later I have changed the sphere of activity.»

          P.S. While writing this article, my new working printer refused to print.

Foto 4.

Foto 5.

          Photo 4 – the aura of the person who has been wearing “The Energy Doctor”, but still doubting the hazard of the device and not having taken the decision to remove it from his space at the moment.

          Photo 5 – the same person a couple of months after making up his mind and destroying the device.

          Now let’s analyze the letter. First of all, what the people are attracted to – is that you don’t have to do anything by yourself, just carry the device, which in fact cuts the man away from all electromagnetic radiations, creating a cocoon around him. It is recommended to wear it at the solar interlacement – this is the chakra and focus of all the powers and possibilities of a person, his connection with the matrix of the planet Earth! The worsening health tells that the potential of the person could have been taken through the device and get accumulated in another place. I warn that the skepticism is misplaced and is even dangerous, because it relaxes. The woman didn’t mention that to make a diagnostics or photo of the aura was not recommended. The producing company had its own equipment, collecting the parameters of the person’s radiation and sending them to a certain destination, from where the recommendations were given.

          The technocratic civilizations are behind these inventions, I have felt it straight away. When these devices are opened we can find the capsules of metal ceramics, which are impossible to break, even with the hammer. What is inside of them?!

          The feeling can’t act as a proof – such is my motto, that’s why facts are needed. I ask this woman to bring every instruction on the devices. I study attentively the literature printed on a good paper. First thing that catches my eye – the devices will do everything themselves! Second – the picture of a man somehow resembles the cosmic bio robot with every accompanying detail: bold head, subtle body without any signs of sex. And this is IT, what I was looking for: the device has been put into mass production in the autumn of 2003 and it is designed to protect a man from electromagnetic radiation of Earth and Cosmos.

          In summer of 2003 the flow of Cosmic energies was enhanced due to construction of The Maternal Magnet, so that every human being on Earth could get the energy to expand the consciousness and to ascend in Spirit.

          “Try to make such a device, which would make Your Heart beat in Unison with the Heart of the Lords, Guru, Masters of Fire. Having spent many Reincarnations, you would come to the conclusion, that only the Heart that lets through itself the Thought of a man in absolute Purity, is the motor of Evolution. That’s why it is necessary to improve not the device, but Your Thought and Word.” Rikla “Fire of the Unified Cosmos.”

          All the materials were collected and analyzed in 2006-2007 and the impulse for writing the article has been given by the third volume of “The Verges of Fiery Deeds” by Rikla, finally tying everything up. The details found the confirmation through the call to Urdeya.

          The company “Bonus Life” have and has a predecessor (the growing of ideas proceeds in an alphabetic order), which is called “Art Life”. The produce of “Art Life” is biological additives, which the leaders of “Bonus Life” consume in great quantities. The biological additives are eagerly taken by those who have beings (implants) in their energy bodies and their aura is used as the incubator. I know the people who took these biological additives for fashion’s sake; such people have lost the desire to use it even in modest quantities, because there appeared diarrhea and other unpleasant feelings. It is eaten (you don’t put it the other way) by those who have what to feed inside.

          The big role for the analysis was played by the book of Barbara Marseniac “The Teaching of Pleiades or Those Bringing the Dawn” which I keep in the “arrest room” – this is the shoe rack, where upon reading I store similar “masterpieces.”

          B. Marseniak “The Teaching of Pleiades”
          “We are here. We – the pleiadeans are the collective energy from Pleiades. We have a long history. Our ancestors have arrived from another Universe, which has achieved Completion, i.e. unity. Until now you are working on one planet, nearing it to completion, but we are here to help you fulfill this mission. This completion of transformation has foreboded for many eons of time. And current time – is very important. That what is happening on Earth, will influence the whole of the Universe.

          Our ancestors had the choice: to return to the Initial Creator and to stay in his vibration or to move further. This choice always appears when the completion of forms is reached. We chose to move ahead and decided to enter your Universe as the envoys …”

          And here what is said about it by Rikla in “The Verges of Fiery Deeds”.
          “… Long time ago, when our Universe was created, the star system of Pleiades has been an intergalactic center of communication between many worlds of Cosmos. This was a giant Laboratory, coordinating the evolutionary cycles of development of Planets and constellations being born, until once in our Universe appeared a new type of inhabitants, who’ve entered the inner space of our world through a black whole. They’ve introduced themselves as Cretonians. These are highly organized beings, which intellectually have gone far beyond even the most developed representatives of our Universe.

          Because the Cretonians had a serious lack in numbers, they have created armies of reptile monsters by means of transmutation of several types of devolutioned beings, rejected by developing Planets. The Cretonians have implanted various programmes into them, the essence of which comes to one: to capture and to enslave prospectively developing beings in order to use their energy for their own needs.

          Pleiades happened to be one of the first objects, which they succeeded capturing. The Cretonians entered the constellation through the star Aldebaran, which at that moment has been the curator of Pleads.”.

          Rikla “The Verges of Fiery Deeds”
          “Initially the plot of their appearance has suggested our close cooperation in many fields of the Universe yet unknown, where the Cretonians have gained considerable success. But very soon, we’ve found out that the methods of their work and prospective plans regarding some developing Planets of our Universe contradicted the ideas and principles of The Brotherhood of Light ANO. ANO – is the abbreviation of our Universe.

          The Cretonians saw the only progressive way of evolution of being’s consciousness: by closing of the heart center, which according to their opinion that has formed from the experience received in other Universes, hinders the development of intellectual – mind center.

          Regarding the Earth they’ve managed to realize their plan only in part. This is what came out of it. In the result of closing of the heart center, the freed energy starts to redistribute itself between the other chakras: up and down. And due to the fact that the way “up” and higher from Vishudkha is closed for the major part of humanity, then all of the energy is directed to the lower centers, overfilling them and making them work in hyperactive mode. In this case the person forgets very quickly about genuine love, substituting it by physical love, the main principals of which are based on sex and possession.”

          B. Marseniak “The Teaching of Pleiades”
          “Initially man was designed as a magnificent being with twelve spirals of DNA, the material for which has been given by different civilizations of the Universe. When the new masters came, in their laboratories they have created a new type of a man with different DNA – consisting of only two spirals (chakras). They took the initial DNA of a man and have dismantled it. The initial DNA structure has remained in human cells, but it stopped functioning, being dismantled to different parts.

          As for the new masters, who have visited you 300 thousand years ago, it is told about these graceful beings in your Bible, in Babylonian and Summer clay tablets. They have substituted your DNA so as to limit the frequency of your vibrations to a certain range, which could nourish them and sustain their strength.”

          An obvious brainwash takes place, where words separate from the deeds and the facts. All the information is turned upside down and is presented in a very fine manner. The quantity of poison in this information is 5-7%, but this is namely that spoonful of tar in a cask of honey. The alliance of the Tibetan and Alice Bailey has worked in the same manner. The Pleiades freed themselves from the reptile monsters, but these periods were short. “… There were those few servants of the Brotherhood, who secretly facilitated the return of the Cretonians to the Pleiades and later on have completely sided with them. The most explicit examples: the Tibetan Jval Kul and Alice Bailey, who have betrayed the ideas of their Teachers and of Brotherhood as a whole. Today they exist in tight contact with Pleiades and their essences have been captured by giant reptiles” Rikla “The Verges of Fiery Deeds”.

          The Pleideans even give away truce fully certain secrets which are of no value to them, because their capabilities have gone far beyond all the technical achievements of human civilization.

          B. Marseniak “The Teaching of Pleiades”
          “The modern technology – is one of the leading tools of controlling of vibration frequency of the consciousness. We strongly recommend to get rid of the television. Namely television – is the tool, which is used daily to manipulate your consciousness. The experiment is so fine organized, that you subconsciously react to the television programmes with your illnesses. Now days there exists a whole generation that kills itself by watching TV and by their illnesses sustain the prosperity of medical corporations. And how about computers? The computers are second to television as means of control. Many of you work on computers and how many of you do feel headache after work? Especially it is true with the big company workers, where every computer is connected to one center. Big companies are controlling your mental fields. They use the energy of your thoughts to reach their goals.

          Many of you have the implants built into your either bodies on your consent, to enable you to be resistant to psychotropic war and the attempts to prevent your access to the information by means of frequency control.”.

          Rikla “The Verges of Fiery Deeds”
          “In the last days of May 2007 two of the seven key stars of Pleiades have been freed. The constellation itself is divided into five sectors with the center in the twin-horn star, which represents the energy pivot of the constellation… the twin-horn star in the Calf corresponds with – Alkione, or how it is called according to the astronomic tradition Alcione …Alkione Star. In order to hear the genuine sounding it is necessary to insert the letter “R”, missed out from the word on purpose and lost in time, before the consonant “O” and to read it backwards, i.e. from right to left.


          To the events of May were followed by the response of Pleiades.

          Rikla “The Verges of Fiery Deeds”
          On 28th of June 2007 from the constellation of Pleiades there was sent a Ray of great destructive power towards the Earth.

          The goal: to enter the Aura of planet Earth, to disrupt the energy defense field of several countries: the United States of America (Washington), Russia (St. Petersburg), China (Tibet), South Korea, Ethiopia, where already exist the prepared people and whole communities, which can influence the world events with their activity.

          … The speed of ray has been enormous; it has covered great distances of Cosmos in split seconds. In order to stop it and to prevent it’s entering the Aura of Earth, Rikla has directed from his stellar House (Cefey) the counter Ray, which has transformed into fireball, which has engulfed and transformed inside itself the destructive energy of the Pleiadeans. We have seen what was the energy expense of Rikla, this naturally couldn’t but tell on the physical state of the Lord.

          … Then the Pleiadeans put a goal to themselves: to get hold of the energy of Rikla, to be more exact, of his Fiery Aura. They also need Rikla, because he is the Lord of the Cefey Constellation, which in the future will predetermine the way of evolution of Earth in the forms of Cosmos.

          … The Pleiadeans always act secretly, implementing into life their plots via prepared intermediaries. They are afraid of publicity, that’s why our conversation must be brought to a maximum number of people. Rikla again must shed the Light of Truth on the events that take place on Earth and in Cosmos. In such a way we shall gain strength and they will loose access to multiple sources of energy on Earth. Naturally we are speaking of people whose consciousness has been enslaved by alien intellect.”.

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