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MAN’S WAY TO THE FIRE (рус версия)

          “Fire is the basis, but psychic energy is the combination of fire and thought...” E.I. Rerikh

          The powerful energy doesn’t initially have a plus or minus. The human thought makes it heal and create. The pain in the body is also psychic energy, only with the minus symbol. First of all one should acknowledge its presence, then learn how it can be put to creative use. It is necessary to begin with oneself. One learns how to create by means of thought, to attract situations, feel the current, the direction of energy, finds out about how to read it’s signs. His guide is the aura photograph. It teaches how to compare the feelings with what took place in reality. This is a way of drops and ascents – this is the Experience of a common Earthling.

Example 1

Right        Photo 1.       Left

Right        Photo 2.       Left

Right        Photo 3.       Left

          Photo 1 was made in Moscow on demand of the relatives, who are familiar with the photo of the aura. The consultation that was given in Moscow – was one of total admiration. But the feelings of the person at that moment – were total lack of will to move and to undertake anything in life. There was a feeling that somebody was inserting the thoughts alien to that person. Constant heaviness and hair movement at the right part of the head. Aura is of dark tones and very thin, which proves the weak protection.

          The first meeting with this woman took place more than a year ago. She was inert and had no will, the interest to life has been lost. She hardly understood what it was all about, though she was well-educated.

          Photo 2 has been made right after a number of meetings and the study of problems. Aura became dense and full. The characteristic wave from above - is the indicator of a whole aura. The yellow color gives self – confidence and the possibility to express oneself in social life. Rose color from the left – is a good sign of further spiritual growth. She has started tracing that communicating with certain people makes her uncomfortable, and seeing the reaction of the aura, she received her first experience (photo 3). The aura has decreased in size, the yellow color has disappeared from above. She had to be talked and talked to, showing with her life examples that all this is consequences, the cause is in the thinking. Little by little she has started to advance, stopping sometimes, because a person needs lots of time for comprehension. This woman made decisions and certain steps that changed her life to a large degree, but she made it out of inner belief and understanding.

Right        Photo 4.       Left

Right        Photo 5.       Left

Right        Photo 6.       Left

          The aura photo 4 confirmed that she did the right things. Quite smoothly the woman passed through serious landmarks in her life and as a consequence – the most comfortable existence. No one can make her do things that may lead to a storm of protest and dissatisfaction with her life. The aura is whole, of pure yellow shades with presence of white color from above. In the left angle of the photo one can see green color, making a person more compassionate and sensitive – this is the color of Anahata. “To make the aura stronger one needs not only a pure consciousness, but the nearing of Space Fire as well… Current uniting with Space Fire, must have the realization of the heart”. “Fire World” E.I. Rerikh

Right        Photo 7.       Left

          A person starts reading the books of Rerikh, then suddenly there is a strange, unfamiliar feeling (photo 5). At this stage, there is a feeling of some discomfort, but the photo shows growth, the ability to accept information through the expansion of consciousness. I want to pay attention to photos 5,6,7. The person made an experiment by undergoing cosmetic surgery. Photo 6 is made a week after she left the clinic. If we compare it with the photo before an operation (photo 6), we can see that the color became more dense and rough, the white color has fully disappeared. To a question, why the operation was made in the first place, the answer was: “For purely esthetic reasons”, viewing this person, we can conclude: making a cosmetic surgery for esthetic reasons is normal, but not for reasons of seduction of opposite sex. With the right attitude to material and social comforts, one can attain everything, but it is necessary to set the correct value scale. This is a fact!

          On photo 7, one can view unconditional love for everything around – this is the acceptance of all and everything the way it is. The state of quiet joy of heart and complete eloquence (rose color with silver on the left). Emerald – turquoise with white from above. This is a state when information received is well accepted and is mastered by the consciousness to a maximum. On the right – is yellow with white – all the listed qualities are naturally transferred to social world, to every day of man’s life. In last three years such auras of some people have been built stage by stage.

          Namely at this stage the works of Rerikh and Rikla are read with interest and understanding. Now, there is a woman on Earth, who carries Fire consciously. The events that are taking place in her life could have been called a miracle. The Fire from the person’s aura is spread during movement and communication with the other people. This woman doesn’t have the goal to spread Fire, but she does that with her aura every minute, tuning everyone around to her tonality!


Example 2

Right        Photo 8.       Left

          Here is another example. This woman first came in the autumn of 2003. At that moment she was not ready for serious work over herself. During the visit, one thinks that like a ball, he will pumped up with energy, but as it turns out, one should alter his character, read the literature, and also the pains can occur! No this is not for me!

          The return took place on a verge of social collapse (photo 8). She was feeling bad, according to her words, the energy simply leaked out, there was no strength left for anything. This is an example, when a person with high inner potential doesn’t know at all about the laws by which the World exists. She heads a collective of people, who every month should receive their salary. It was hard to be among the people at that time, let alone to lead the enterprise, tracing the shipments, assortments, cash flow etc. Everything around began to collapse: the employees started to act strange, total misunderstanding in the family, alienation. Every decision was taken with difficulty, with even more difficulty it got implemented into life, and even upon implementation it had no positive result.

          Total lack of yellow color in the aura of a person even with high potential – means instability and impossibility to express oneself in the world of people. A person, who prospers in the social world, be he a businessman or a student, has yellow aura for certain, in which the inner world of an individual is expressed by the main aura of the spirit. “Everyone has the reservoir of spirit, but it’s size, depth and content vary…Usually, the people are quite limited. The spirit reservoir is also filled with the radiation of the aura of every conductor, and with the vibrations of the thoughts most dominant”. “Verges of Agni-Yoga”

The highest form of service to the Light is to carry the Light in ones Aura.

Photo 9.

Photo 10.

Photo 11.

          There are certain time intervals between the photos, during which the person does certain things, and every following photo confirms the right or wrong in his actions. The concrete case (photo 9) shows that the chosen way is correct. There appears the yellow color in the aura that grants protection in social life, the presence of white shows that the highest triad expresses itself through the lowest conductors. The emerald – blue in the left – is the possibility to absorb new information. This is a moment, which every one of us must live through – the expression of spirit through matter.

          The following work over oneself resulted in a state, which is remembered for the rest of the life (photo 10). The woman called this condition “the soaring ball”. By elevating over social life and all of its problems all by herself, she saw, felt, and what is more important understood everything without prompting, which steps she should take in the future. The Material has been moved backwards and the Spiritual has been put forward. But to work at an enterprise and to make money, to pay salary to the people became uninteresting for her. As you understand, it is impossible to be in such state for a long time, while living in the social world.

          On photo 11, the return to the social world takes place with great difficulty. The “white crow” is not accepted by the flock and they start to peck her. But at this very moment the construction of a very interesting aura, which played a decisive role in the life of that woman takes place. The following photographs show the dynamics of change in the aura and its resemblance to the first example shown. It is common for both cases that the person starts to read the books of Rerikhs, Klizovskiy and even Blavatskaya. The book of Rikla is for the first time taken in hands.

          It is a very hard period of life for this individual, which is connected with inner worries, in connection to that a whole series of photos has been made (12,13,14). The analysis showed that the aura only gathers strength by showing the possibility to express everything understandable in every day. By making sure that the aura is of a positive nature, came the self-assurance in one’s own strength and smooth passing through without the stress of social and household problems, which six months ago one could have called a collapse. The words sound in such a way that they are listened. She has started to see the energy of the Universe and to learn how to distinct its quality, by reading the information. But one should give her a credit – she can do that.

          If we speak of the first case described by us, we can see that the person feels comfortable with these energies until now, while in the second case it was a temporal condition, which lasted only for a few months. That person easily talked about other planets and their inhabitance. But smoothly and unnoticed, this energy has left the aura. At the physical level, the person experienced headaches, “running shivers” vibrations in some parts of the body, feeling heat on the skin surface in some local areas, there was a temperature throughout the whole period. Most difficult was to accept and understand the flashes and fluorescent spots seen with the physical eyes. The special “indicator” of the aura condition was a house cat, who slept on the woman’s head, when aura had the radiations similar to those on photo 8. As soon as the aura started gathering strength, the cat stopped sleeping even on the bed. But during the smallest leak of energy, it lay at the legs and as the “leak” increased, it followed higher and higher.

          “The light or darkness is constantly drawn by a man’s microcosm through his aura. The attraction takes place in accordance with light and shadow. The scale of color vibrations and the shades of colors is very wide. Whatever is the state of a person, the attraction always goes according the concordance with his inner mood”. “The Verges of Agni – Yoga”

Photo 12.

Photo 13.

Photo 14.

          Lets compare the two cases described. The first person still remained in that aura, which was a temporary phenomenon for that person (photo 7 and 14), but there is always the possibility to return to that state once again.

          Reader, pay your attention to the fact, that initially in both case the auras (photo1 and 8) were in resonance with the upper triad, which indicates to the spiritual potential. Dark colors – are serious problems in social life and health, the appearance of which is connected with negative thinking, which can result even in a lack of will to live. While possessing such aura, one should pay special attention to his thought. There is a very high possibility to inflict damage upon oneself or other people, because the potential of such an individual is very high. This is why it is very important to have positive thinking. The restoration often goes from the low energy centers. For a time being the aura can become red with small amount of yellow (1,2,3 energy centers). A person can be frightened with what he sees, it seems to him, that his potential is decreased. Take special care, while viewing this two characteristic examples. Having dense, pure yellow aura, which acts as protection, the individual has the strength for independent growth. The upper triad will express itself, only time is needed for that.

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