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          There is a growing number of people, whom the doctors consider as simulators, because they suffer the pains which have no physical connection. In such cases, the aura photo shows the presence of Fiery energies. In order to speak of the symptoms of the Evolutionary Energies in the aura of a person, one must make a photo, first of all.

          Talking about the Fiery energies, one of the first symptoms – is the temperature, sometimes it is 30-40 degrees throughout the week. There are the cold symptoms, but evident signs – like sneezing and coughing are not there. The person is only feat to drink and to reach the toilet. Often people become unconscious due to high temperature and at that point comes the understanding and realization. Sometimes the temperature is slightly above 37 degrees and holds for months. Twisting pains in the extremities. Uncontrolled constriction of the muscles, shivers down the body. The vibrations of some organs can also last for long and the feeling of a working generator inside. It is possible to feel the heating of certain parts of skin, knees, elbows or the heat that goes from the inside. The people around will notice that such persons radiate strong heat. Indoors such persons feel hot and stuffy, and even if its -30 outside, they open the windows, making angry those who are around.

          The distinctive work of Fire inside of human aura is the purulent rash all over the body or separate parts. Furuncles – up to 7-8 furuncles at once. The furuncles can be anywhere starting from sexual organs and ending on top of the head. There were cases of furuncles 3-4 cm high or when all of the forehead got swelled because of the pus inside. Eyes get purulent, but this is not conjunctivitis, because there is to much pus and the conventional healing does not help. The swelling of glands, especially those under the jaws, accompanied by strong salvia secretion and swelling of the face – are the symptoms of encounter with the Fire. When those auras which resonate on low frequencies (1st and 2nd centers) are faced with fire, pains in the base bone can occur, then it is hard to stand, sit or lye.

          The Fire is separable as if during the forest fire, jumping from branch to branch. While communicating we touch auras and “flame up” those around us. Then we hear rumors of an epidemic, because of the likeness of the symptoms. This is not an epidemic, this is the burning of our dirt and imperfection. We “burn”, when we have what to be burned. Every one of us has what to burn. E.I. Rerikh related the aneurysm, rheumatism and nervous dysfunctions to the pains of Fire. The flaming up of the centers shouldn’t be put down, one should direct the consciousness, distributing the fire inside the energy bodies. The taking of valerian a , mint, helps a lot during such symptoms. I strongly recommend the baking soda (natrium two-carbon), in difficult cases, up to 5-6 tea spoons per day with warm milk or water. During any kind of irritation, irascibility – milk in any way and soda strengthening the action of the milk.

SODA – the ashes of Devine Fire. It belongs to widely used medicine, given for use to all humanity. It helps the spreading of and supporting of Fire in the human aura.

          I will continue the description of symptoms arising from contacting the Fire: gases form to such degree that the belly looks like a ball, before this was not characteristicall for that person. Jam, sometimes with blood, but the person eats the usual amount of food, but the amount of excrements is down as if it has boiled up to the rectum. In this case, only enemas can help and the quantity of water drank should be increased. Diarrhea without pain before and after. Often there is foul smell present, which is somewhere around. Legs might give the stench of a dead body, and the skin on the sole of a foot separates. Psycho-emotional background is another story, then attacks of crying and self-pity give way to groundless joy. One can get the feeling of utter despair, but one should have patience.

          “The nearing of fire waves is terrible, if one is not familiar with them and does not accept them with fires of his heart. The role of the heart is enormous and also mysterious. The heart controls the psychic energy and the crystal can multiply its force, which is fed by the fiery energy. These crystals are hard to dissolve, because they are constituted of fiery substances…The people with the supply of psychic energy must constitute the treasury of a nation”. E.I. Rerikh

          This crystal is called ADAMANT. These are the values that a person must collect during his lifetime on Earth. These crystals represent the Genuine Cosmic Value and are no match to jewelry.

          The role of the heart is very great, as was written above about the fourth energy center and the possibility to attract the Fire from space by the magnet of the heart. The cordial pains are so great that it is impossible to move, as if the stake is stuck between the shoulder blades. There is a pain that resembles the cordial one, but is from the right. The movement from within the physical heart and the spreading warmth – is a good sign. Women experience the swelling and enlargement of breast. One must consciously strain his heart, realizing that this magnet attracts only those energies, which person needs on a way to perfection every day of his life. There are cases of rare symptoms – extrasystalias, as if the rhythm of the heart is off beat and there some heartbeats are missing.


          The way of Evolution is a hard way. And often one can hear the question: “Is it possible not to follow the Evolution’s step?” The answer is: “Yes, it is possible, but it is the way of involution and self-burial. The choice is ours”.

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