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          Every time the human aura magnetizes a higher energy range and then looses it quite quickly, one may be talking about the unassimilated energies. The energies are not completely comprehended by the humanity, some even never heard of them, but back in 1925 the guides of humanity have said through N.K. Rerikh: “Time would come and its not far, when the people will not know how to accept the fiery chance. In confusion they will forget, that the fiery adjoining is destined. They would excel in resisting rather than be filled with the strength of fire. The signs of different unassimilated energies will ignite and people would rush about in false directions. When the force’s impact will increase, then the humanity will experience panic fright and its outward cure will result in most serious consequences. Such would be the impact of fire, misunderstood and unexpected.”

In accordance to Powers of Light design Rikla has arrived to Earth as a result of joint work of the Boundless Cosmos and Earth’s Hierarchy. He arrived as a messenger of the White Brotherhood from the Far Worlds. Rikla – is not a person. Rikla – is a state. The Mission of Rikla is to prepare human consciousness for accepting the Fiery Rays of the New Quality.

          The new energies are streaming down on us from Cosmos, and instead of thinking of how to take and transform this Vital Energy, upon having learned about them people think of using them for their selfish needs or for fulfilling their desires. THIS WILL NOT DO! ONLY COOPERATION THROUGH CONFORMITY! And make no dividing to mine and yours. EVERY ONE WILL RECEIVE! EACH IN ACCORDANCE WITH DEGREE OF HIS ACCEPTANCE! And most important is that when these energies linger in the human aura for some time, it becomes unbearable, because of all the dirt piled up for centuries, which is thrown out to the surface uncompromisingly and this is agonizingly painful.

          When the contact with the Fire of Space takes place and it is not supported by self work, analysis and active changing of oneself, having singed the Fire leaves the human aura and often within minutes. In ideal case, the one who is reading the Clear Sources – Rerikhs, Blavatskaya, Rikla, visiting the discussions, where the Conductor of Fire is at work (I recommend to make the aura photographs before and after such discussion) is taken up by the Earth-Cosmos-Earth flows. These powerful Space Fire flows, flowing upside down and down up in spirals encounter blocks of dirt within the human energy bodies, tightly closed chakras. The dysfunction of a chakra or “block” – these are our illnesses and problems. Any illness – is the result of misleading and mistakes. One should not cure the illness, but to expand one’s consciousness up to the understanding of LAW OF CAUSES AND CONSEQUENCES or THE LAW of KARMA. The roots may go deep into former reincarnations, but it aches today. By comprehending and rooting out of misleading today with the help of the evolutionary energies the diseases disappear. Each disease is in the region of a certain chakra, and chakra – is a certain aspect of life.

          The diseases result in dysfunction of the color radiation of the aura, bringing in dark, gray, brown and dirty-red shades or spots. The substitution of such radiation in the diseased organ or in the whole body by bright, pure and dense shade subdues the disease at its root.

          “Ray therapy is the science of the future. This entitles the impact of color rays of psychic energy and altering of the aura’s color radiation. When the aura photos will be accepted and taken for granted by the official science, then the door to this sphere will open.” E.I. Rerikh

On the right    Photo 1    To the left

On the right    Photo 2    To the left

On the right    Photo 3    To the left

Photo 1 The man is troubled by head aches and the strongest pain in the chest with the symptoms of the heart attack.

Photo 2 After visiting the healer there is an obvious change of radiation of color and as the result the pain has stopped completely. Photographs 1 and 2 have been made the same day.

Photo 3 24 hours later. That’s what has been left from the visit to the healer. There is no self-work of the patient. One must strain the aura, otherwise it wouldn’t grow. The celestial rays are of no use when there is no counter impulse.

          I dare to address myself to everyone who has adjoined or already moves consciously towards self-comprehension and realization. The new rays are first of all active deeds of the person who has accepted them. These energies are given to help us, but they would do nothing instead of us, we the people must use the possibility to evolve, but not to wait that everything will happen all by itself. I have already heard the sayings of those people who have bought the books of “The Fire of the Unified Cosmos”, that let them just lay there, do the working and cleaning. The books, the pictures, the photographs of Places of Energy – are energy, and if inside the person there is no counter identical impulse, don’t expect that anything will happen. There where you see the miracle of healing the deadly diseases or the solution of life crisis situation – there is always the hard labor of the person himself. As for the healer, the book, the picture – it is help. When fire burns, we support it by putting wood into it. Same applies to the energy in the aura, it must be constantly sustained.

          For four years the aura camera has been working in Toumen. Hundreds of pictures have been made. I have tried out all kinds of experiments to make sure that my conclusions are right. I have put the equipment in one room, being ten rooms apart. A person made a picture, then he went to consult with me, then he returned and made the photograph again. I have tested the impact of the worked over space (this means the places where the discussions took place, where pictures and paintings were displayed) on the human aura. I have found out the impact of one photographing on the one being photographed. I have asked myself: why can’t people carry the energy in their aura even to the next corner. A person leaves with a whole aura, but the photograph made in one hour time doesn’t show it? (Those are the cases of work in the other cities). Where does it disappear to?

          I have watched over the people, who made no secret that they came to restore themselves. And I have also asked the question: will they succeed and for how long?

          “Interaction of human auras – is a complicated process. This impact of one aura on another takes place with every touch. The auras get mutually lightened or darkened. Not a single contact is left without a trace. The silent ones are usually the winners, because the verbal exchange amplifies the consequence… There are many vampire people, they consume other’s energy like sponge does with the water.” Verges of Agni-Yoga

          The book with the written out expressions (with the word aura) from the works by the Rerikhs couple has literally fallen over my head in 2000 from the upper shelf in the esoteric shop in Moscow. Since then it is my help and advise in research of human aura.

On the right    Photo 4    To the left

On the right    Photo 5    To the left

On the right    Photo 6    To the left

          This person has appeared in our center at especially hard moments of his life. And that time he made no secret that he came using his words “to recharge”. During five-seven minutes he made greetings, asked something, meaning there was a communication and one more detail, he arrived with the cake and wanted to drink tea with us. Photos 4-7 were made the same day during three hours.

Photo 4 – represents an excellent aura at a first glance. Whole, symmetrical and with powerful defense of white. This is a model condition of aura of that person, i.e. showing his maximum capabilities in conducting of energy. But behind the beautiful white spot, which is namely characteristic of disruption of wholeness of the aura, a hole is hidden in the region of the first center, where one can see tender lilac-rose energy, also not everything is in order. If a person came to the center with such an aura, then the following shots would have confirmed this change in color and the nuances, but not in a radical way.

Photo 5 – to the right upwards instead of white color – there is a bright crimson spot, further to the periphery of the aura there are white-yellow spots and upwards, traces of slipping down aura, well seen on the background of the stretched behind black material.

Photo 6 – only in these cases starts the building up of aura. One can see the impulse of the solar texture.

On the right    Photo 7    To the left

On the right    Photo 8    To the left

Photo 7 – at last the restoration and patching up of the aura is completed. After that I was told with humor, that if one sees these pictures, they would look like anti advertising for the “Adamant” Center, meaning that in came such a nice looking person, but later on he got “eaten up”. After such visits one feels ice cold running down the spine for a long time.

Photo 8 – the same person 8 days later with a hole in the region of the third center. Naturally, the yellow color which is so needed in the aura to communicate with a large number of people is absent. And the whole aura is covered with the Protective energy. I’ll mention that this “misfortune” has occurred after a wild party in a crowded place. Then there was a high temperature and a heavy diarrhea, which usually happens in the result of energy loss. Pay attention to the amplitude of rises and falls ranging from red to white-rose color, this can’t but tell on health and social affairs of a person. With such undisciplined behavior and thinking, next time things could get far worse than just the toilet.

          I can’t but stop and admire that Love and Patience with which we, people of Earth are given the Energy.

          In 2004 there was a first lecture of the “Adamant” center in the shop/center “The inner path” in Moscow. For the information of those who is not familiar, until that moment the analogue equipment has been in Moscow for no less than 7-8 years and up to 30-40 pictures has been taken daily. Those people who were shown the pictures made in Toumen have got the impression about the color range in the auras of people. After our lecture there was the proposal to exchange the equipment being installed in Toumen for a new one without extra cost?! And only some time after, I’ve heard when I’ve arrived with a new lecture and pictures of even greater scope, that the representatives of the equipment manufacturing laboratory in the USA, upon seeing our pictures decided that something was wrong with our equipment. Such pictures simply can’t exist!

          I have gladly exchanged the equipment for a newer modification. But! I must put it even stronger and show it on facts that there is a work being conducted on a subtle level in Siberia, and it is impossible to wave off the material presented. The time has come to declare about the processes, and to call things by their own names. And to voice the Names of Those, thanks to whom this Creation took place!

          I’ve visited different cities, sometimes with my own equipment, but then the people came to the worked up space and in two, three weeks the auras that have formed were the same as of the people from Toumen. And if there has been own equipment present, like in Odessa, then we didn’t bring ours and it was very interesting to view the changes in people’s auras. By the way, it was in Odessa, where after the meeting to which the operators of the city’s aura camera have been invited, we have heard: “You better listen to her such aura pictures are not possible.” And after three-four weeks, the operators have asked the people: “What is being done to you there, are you all aliens?”

          We have met with the “magisters”, “magicians”, “masters” and all sorts of “senses” from almost all the former Soviet Union. NOONE and NOWHERE could name the Source of the streaming energies! They try to charge us with fraud and demonism!” There sounded some remarks from “those who see”: “You photograph some angels, these people have serious diagnosis”. No one wished to hear out our conclusions, received by means of research.

          I can’t ignore the theme that began to declare itself ever so often. Different people come to our center, among them are those who have got initiated to Reiki, cosmo-energy channels, or who are all the time reading the books by Krayon, for example. They praise their “teachers” and wish to hear nothing of the facts we have. Having believed once, they are unable to analyze! Analysis requires comprehension with further actions. Every “teacher” has his own style of work with the person, and this is clearly visible if one analyses the auras of those people. It is easier if the traces of destruction can be seen. It is harder when an aspired, but unable to distinct the energies person dresses himself up in the aura of Defense. In such case it becomes most difficult to bring to them that this is their personal aspiration and the energy in their aura has nothing to do with the “teacher”. Hundreds of pictures in the Adamant Center help out, in order to demonstrate the same approaches of energy with the people who’ve never heard about “the initiated” and the names of the “teachers”.

          These “teachers” give methods to the people how to clean their aura and the dirt collected, they teach to dump into Mother Earth or even more, the center of the Earth is opened and all the collected dirt is dumped there. While the followers are told that all of the dirt burns up and not a single drop is left on Earth’s surface. This is a mumble of a scoundrel, one who doesn’t wish to work over his own vices, continuing to foul up the very heart of Earth. Try to burn dirt in your own aura or is it too much or too painful to bear? Think what will happen if the Universe will return one’s waste to everyone ten times more, how many of the cleaners would stay in this reincarnation?! No one should hope that one wouldn’t stand an answer according with the law of Cosmic Justice. And one more nuance, if I was to be forbidden to read the source of information, wouldn’t I find out for myself exactly why? Answer yourself the question, why are the books by Rikla forbidden for your reading in such a categorical way?

          Information for thought: 19-20 of May 2007 there has been a meeting with Lee Carol in Moscow, he is the conductor of energy of Crayon. In a not peculiar manner for this gentleman, i.e. in the strongest irritation it was said that the energy of Crayon works only up to Urals, beyond that the energy doesn’t reach. And now what’s important! I will remind that beyond the Urals stretches the Siberia. The whole site is dedicated to what goes on in the auras of the Siberian people. Can you distinguish between the Clear, Pure Energies of the New Age on the photographs and the energies of destruction? There is no place for the energies of Crayon in Siberia, because he has nothing to do with the Light!

          Find strength, analyze the material which is on the site. Those who have done it – have seen the degree of their own blindness.

          One may see that this is the most suffered out article. Each situation described below has repeated over a dozen times in different variants and different cities. Please note that none of the cases described are unique or not repeated by others. Hundreds of pictures of auras and analysis, analysis… And only after that the material is published. If you want to argue with the facts, then argue. It is your right to believe that this wouldn’t touch you. If this doesn’t touch you today, it doesn’t mean that this wouldn’t touch you tomorrow. If you try to heal what’s happening to the energy bodies on a level of physical organs don’t be surprised that the conventional methods of healing wouldn’t give the desired effect, i.e. to get rid of the pain at any cost. Because, namely the pain is that stop signal, which tells of our imperfections.

On the right    Photo 9    To the left

On the right    Photo 10    To the left

          Namely such blue-green color combination in the aura gives strongest headaches, because this is the Energy that goes along with the Expanding of Consciousness. If a person has no idea of the processes that are happening in the Aura of the Planet – it is not the fact that his aura wouldn’t respond to the processes. There he sits before me swinging side from side because of the strongest headache, saying that he doesn’t even understand what’s happening, because he went completely dumb due to pain. He was brought in from hospital, where he has been treated stationary, but the treatment gave no results. And I have to bring to him the information about the Evolution of the Planet and the New Energies. How do you think he will look at me? These Energies (of blue-green specter) cause the expansion of brain centers, swelling of brain’s vascular system. The capillaries of the eye apple might explode and the nose may bleed very strongly. The more a person would hide from the genuine cause (Photo 9), the more explicit the symptoms will be. And the deeper he would go into thinking, the stronger his head would ache.

          One man, who has been reading the Sources about the processes in the Aura of the Planet got “ill” all over sudden, i.e. his head started aching strongly. He made the photograph of the aura and received the information that everything is fine with him and pains – are the pains of ascending, because the Energies of Evolution are present in his aura. He went away and has returned in three months with a completely red aura, and what’s important – WITHOUT PAINS, because he has applied for help from the cosmo-energy healer regarding his “problem”. The energies have left the aura of the person, because he has rejected them and hasn’t started backing them up by actions. In this case when reading the Sources it was important to analyze everything that is happening around him and to him – those are actions needed first and of course understanding, tolerance.

          During the advances of Energy of this specter (blue-green) while reading the information and trying to gasp it with the mind, the bleeding of nose, noise in the ears and weakening of sight can happen. If one reads the books by Rerikhs, Rikla, visits the exhibitions, tries to meditate and after that begins to feel and hear the Energies, but upon arriving at work starts to think how to cheat his partner and for how many millions or gets totally drunk and visits wife’s friend. If one goes on lying and slandering i.e. leaving things as they were in one’s social surrounding, then this Powerful Energy Potential can crash down on person’s own head. Those would be the distorted, unassimilated Energies. The new Energies entitle our altering of ourselves and our deeds in order to get rid of our own dirt. When you look very closely and see almost total and complete destruction in all spheres of human life, you wonder why many people call it living.

          Unused are distorted Energies – it is when a person takes a bribe and puts it inside the book of “The Fire of The Unified Cosmos” is being caught and is surprised by a stupid remark in a protocol – “caught red handed.” Can’t be hotter – The Fire of The Cosmos!

          Or grabs the books greedily by the packs, he brings them home, where light bulbs start exploding and electric appliances start to burn out. Everything burns out in such a manner that even isn’t fit for repair and it is even necessary to change the electric wiring. A person doesn’t connect this to doubts and thinking which have been poured out while reading the books. However, upon seeing the connection: the book – the energy and the result, he gets rid of the books and invites the sorcerer to clean the home. By the way, it is a very interesting nuance, somehow the sorcerer is considered to be clean and the books which have showed all dirt of the family and the space – to be dirty witch-like. In these books it is told that we can burn, and as it turns out to be – literally. The piled up premises can ignite and even window curtains can.

          One more example: a very ill person upon having heard about the books of “The Fire of The Unified Cosmos” and the New Energies wishes to get more of them and to get rid of the pain faster. The books are brought home on request, but do not stop the pain, even make it worse, because they give a start to the cleansing processes. The person surrounds himself with books, which makes the cleansing process even stronger resulting in unbearable pains, he orders to throw away all the books, pictures and photographs of Places of Energy and in couple of days while in coma dies in reanimation. Who is to blame? The books? The pictures? But there has been a chance!

          Kazan 2004. Work of the “Adamant” Center in the rehabilitation facility for kids with hearing problems. The books of “The Fire of The Unified Cosmos” have been collected in a flat, where we were staying. Namely then the information about Constantine Vasiliev has been voiced for the first time in the house-museum bearing the same name. That summer thunder storms in Kazan have been long and deafening, sometimes the lightening flashed for five-six hours. The people at whom we were staying took a very active participation in conducting of exhibitions-lectures. Every evening they have asked me questions. Once we have noticed the roaches, their quantity was surprising, they were everywhere and they’ve got into the flat by crawling into windows from one side of the house. Having gone out to the street, I have noticed a meter long ribbon of roaches crawling down the building wall! They have appeared with sunrise and they have disappeared with sunset, their further fate remained a mystery for me, because mine has been decided immediately, in the middle of the night I was ousted to the street together with the books. Now every six months the owner of the flat has an attack of psychic alteration, during which she shouts: “Fire, fire!” But how beautifully it all has started. During distortions of Energy not only hoards of roaches may appear all over sudden, but mice and moths as well. Their quantity will be in direct proportion to the degree of distortion.

          Our trouble is that first we invite the Fire, and this is potent energy. The name gives a very accurate description of what happens to us when we meet it – burning. And as soon as our fingers start burning, we begin to whine and run from the Source of Fire. To invite, to take and then refuse – is the distortion. But the most serious distortion is to think that if I have the books, the pictures, the photographs of Places of Energy, I can carry on as usual.

          We have stored our inner dirt for millenniums, increasing the degree of our own misleading. Having learned about the New Energies, many think that by taking a book and visiting the exhibition just once, one would be happy and healthy. If you had a mission to clean up the premises you have dwelled in for hundreds of years, but you haven’t taken out garbage and dust. Can you clean it over just in one go?!

          “Five Rays of the Era of Fire, in contrast to the first seven Rays, manifested by the Lords in the Aura of the Earth will have no color, i.e. – invisible. The absence of the specific manifested color as indicator of the quality of the Energy is explained by preservation of initial state of Energy during the penetration of Planet’s Aura, i.e. of absolute neutrality, from which the birth of most different combinations of Energies, corresponding the demands and tasks of the current moment is possible.” Rikla “The Verges of The Fiery Deed”

          In the first Almanac, which exists in the printed variant, I took the liberty of classifying the Rays by their color and quality, but life and facts have brought in their corrections. In different years or periods, the intensity, the combination of color and succession of its disposition differed one from another. Depending on combination or disposition of color in the aura, people tell about different symptoms and feelings. In principle, the below displayed photos with certain color combination – are the state.

On the right    Photo 11    To the left

On the right    Photo 12    To the left

          In front of us we have two photographs with similar energies: on the left we see bright blue color, at the top – there is an aura of the emerald shade with white spots, but the aura on the photo 11 lacks yellow to the right, in this nuance there hides the difference of feelings and conditions. In both cases people read, analyze, but in the first case the person doesn’t implement the Knowledge in every day life. I.e. there is only theory, and as the result – unstable psycho-emotional condition accompanied by headaches. In second case – there is the implementation of the understood, and according to the color combination the person succeeds. To that it is not important which problem the person solves for himself – personal or social (Photo 12).

On the right    Photo 13    To the left

On the right    Photo 14    To the left

          Here are two more pictures, which at a first glance have identical silvery-blue shade. In the first case (Photo 13) it tells about the initial strive, the will of a person to understand what he is doing wrong. The absence of yellow means the complete loss of strength and even possible apathy, which may result in either growth, if self-work is done or social collapse, with all the outgoing consequences. In the second case (Photo 14) on the right we see the remaining yellow and green colors – this is the indicator that the person took active steps, but there happened a draw back and possibly there appeared the unwillingness to struggle. The movements in the aura happen from left side of the picture to the right and often are instant, one can see only the flickering tail. Always pay attention to the homogeneousness and purity of color, all the unevenness on the fringe of the aura tell about the unstable condition.

          While working with a person by means of the photograph of the aura, I arrived at the conclusion: when the analysis and talking over of the events takes place, it will be very vivid to make a number of the aura photographs. The result seen on photo especially helps the understanding of own problems by the person and with a passage of time gives the opportunity to analyze once more by viewing the pictures. Aura photo – represents the frozen moments of our inner view of ourselves in relation with the surrounding world. The three-four hours long photo session is a one man show in the boundless world of self-comprehension, with tears of self-pity, claims to the others, doubts, outbursts of joy and silence. While viewing very beautiful pictures we can ask – why do they belong to the section of unassimilated Energies? Because, all the people, whose pictures are on the site have their own amplitude of rises and falls. The only difference – with some it decreases today, i.e. the condition stabilizes, with others it falls on the contrary. Not a single person has remained in the same state for long months. Some fail and almost instantly return to their former condition, others stop their fall and the come back even to the previous boundaries goes through waterfalls of tears, claims to all and everything. And there are always those who have slammed the door, left and never returned.

          At the example below I intend to show, how the approach of Energy in color may lead to the necessary result for life in social surrounding. As usual the taking of Energy occurs during the analysis, on the condition of understanding of what is happening with the person. However there are cases when de electrified aura takes in the Energy like a sponge and there have been curious cases, that such a person like a fed python would fall asleep in the car for three-four hours, waking up fit and happy. If the conclusions would have been made wrongly or not made at all he would return for a new “portion” in order to go on floundering in social life.

On the right    Photo 15    To the left

On the right    Photo 16    To the left

On the right    Photo 17    To the left

          We shall not discuss what has happened to the person. This example is given as characteristic one and with some regularity repeated by dozens of people. The idea is: this person is not a newcomer and he came to the center already guessing that there is a lack of Energy in his aura, because his physical body began to show it (Photo 15). The talking over of events, joint analyzing and the aura is filled with silver-rose shinning familiar to so many, with symmetrical approaches of Energy. In this very nuance is hidden what I want to bring out to the reader. If a person has really acknowledged his mistakes and took an inner decision to change something or has carried out his decision, then all the Force and Power of the Energy (Photo 16) will flow to the construction of the aura, with which one can stay and live in the social surrounding (Photo 17). According to our research, with color range (Photo 16) it is not only impossible to exist in the social surrounding – you’ll be run down, but to keep the energy while being in it is impossible. Often the count goes for hours, for days at best. If the help is received and is correctly and accordingly brought into one’s world, then the aura will be whole and stable with scaled advances of Energy for quite a long time.

On the right    Photo 18    To the left
It is not easy to discuss, even to analyze with an educated person, but when the parents with children started to visit the center ever so often – I have been at a loss. I was not prepared to talk and work with a child. But then it turned out to be even easier! Among these little ones there are those who would cry, not even willing to go in, though no one is doing anything to them. Especially they even resist to making the aura photograph, somehow especially hysterical and bass-like are the cries of the children, whose auras lack the light, as if someone forgot to switch it on in the room. Then the aura may be like on (Photo 18). Who is he not willing to be uncovered?

          There are children, who after having visited us, ask to bring them again and again. It is being known that they even ask the parents even when there are no visible symptoms: bad sleep, illness, something only just starts to happen on the aura level, but the 3,5 year old child voices it – I want to go to “Adamant.” One of those children has been photographed by us, when he visited the center (Photo 19), and the next photos were made during the next hour and a half. It is not possible to discuss the condition with the child. It is only possible to study him and to make photographs of the aura, to that having played or drawn, the child may say: “Enough, lets go home!” and he leaves taking the aura like on Photo 21 with him.

On the right    Photo 19    To the left

On the right    Photo 20    To the left

On the right    Photo 21    To the left

Photo 19. – the most dangerous attacks in the auras of the children are from the right side, where is the white spot and the impulse in the region of the third center (the belly), there was a hole there as well, somebody has used the potential of the little person. On the left and right below, empty angles can be seen and the coiling up aura with the potential threat for life support.

Photo 20. – on the right appears emerald-sapphire shade, but the angle to the left, which is more important is not closed yet, this means that the movement of energy has not been restored yet.

Photo 21. – after an hour and a half the aura is restored, and what is most important the colors are homogeneous, pure and the angle on the left (potential future) is filled by bright flow.

          The children wouldn’t tell what they have thought over and how have they implemented the help received in their life, but I know one thing, that namely they – the children hold on longer to what they have received. The conclusion: the living environment is important for the children, while visiting our center they are like dry bread placed in milk, they get soaked up. Among them are many of those, who keep the eloquence in the family with their potential, taking the strikes on themselves, always staying in shadow, not marking out themselves from people’s general background.

          Starting from autumn 2007 there began to appear auras with the range of energy seen on photos 22 and 23. I have seen something alike before, but those were singular cases and they’ve resembled photo 22. Starting from autumn 2007 there appeared telephone calls from people complaining about serious symptoms: strong spontaneous pains in the stomach, liver and gastric gland, some people claimed they’ve had a feeling of near death. When person speaks about pain, and there are colors not organic to human radiation in the aura (rose, silvery-blue), this is understandable, but in this case usual and normal ones, only lining is different. And with the yellow aura it is always red-orange and in this case – it is green. Analyzing and systemizing the changes in auras of the people, I can say: no matter what takes place in our auras, if only It makes us alter ourselves, we people feel bad, pained and restless and some are even ready to part with life rather than changing anything in it. Or a person starts to call out for help, but the color chord in the aura being a quality of Energy, is the help of Cosmos to a man.

On the right    Photo 22    To the left
On the right    Photo 23    To the left

          In this case the pains are connected with person’s passiveness. Namely this combination of color leads to concrete, actual deed, radical change of oneself and one’s life. But to change anything and to that so radically a person is not prepared. A question is appropriate: is a modern man ready for anything at all? The requirements to a person is to grow, and for today they are the following:

          “personal self-improvement not as self-goal of existence, but as an only possible form of existing, and if the person ignores this formula of universal Being he looses the right for future being”. Rikla “The Verges Of The Fiery Deed”

          I have a question to the people, how do they understand self-perfection? Reading books and arguing on esoteric subjects at best. While writing this article I have heard from the people on the street phrases like: “The purpose of my life is to buy a dwelling …” or “I have bought a car, but I need a fancier one”. Will these people hear and understand the sense of The Law of The Cosmic Balance that a person must work out a certain amount of energy for personal existence as well as for providing life for other forms. Many people don’t even suspect that they have the responsibilities before the Cosmos.

          I can’t but mention another fact, which happens more and more often. In 2003-2004 I have first met with people, whose auras have been whole and of orange-yellow specter, but they’ve had serious diseases like red rash, dissipated sclerosis. The analysis for that period has shown that those people adhere to purely materialistic world outlook, but not long ago this aura was sufficient for carefree life in social surrounding.

          Year 2007 – there came the facts of deaths of people with that same orange-yellow aura. Instantly I’ve recalled the mentioning of the auras of this specter by E.I. Rerikh: “the fiery wall represents danger for those who deny the spirit, because all the orange and crimson auras can be pulled into the orbit of fire and couldn’t withstand it.”

          When the third volume of book by Rikla “The Verges of The Fiery Deed” has been received, it has become clear, how the requirements to modern humanity have grown.

“By cutting out the forests, killing the animals, violating the entrails of Earth with the purpose to extract oil, coal, metals and other natural elements, the man breaches the natural processes of formation and elaboration of necessary quantity and quality of energy, for which first of all the Aura of the Planet is in need and as a consequences, the forms hebetating it. A deficit of life is created, which must be restored somehow. And it is restored for the account of the energy of humanity, because it has created the cause and now bears the responsibility for its consequences. In order not to belittle the scales of the catastrophe caused by the human activity by any means, the master must use the term of Cosmic Balance, for the disruption and the destruction instantly tells on the life of all the planetary Community, i.e. Galaxies and Universe as a whole. I think, Daughter you might guess how the restoring of the disrupted balance is done… Natural cataclysms, accidents which claim thousands of human lives… There are many mechanisms of influence, by means of which a man is influenced to restore the natural circulation of energy in the circuit reception-transformation-return. These is the creation of such conditions of human existence, under which he has to change his attitude to life, though not realizing this in most cases, reorganizing all his way of thinking and living, or to leave the forms of Earth, i.e. to go for reincarnation.”

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