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          It was not so long ago when the silver-rose Ray (12th Ray) didn’t express itself in the auras of red. Being projected to the auras that vibrate on the lowest range level, these energies present a chance for rise. It is as if someone by twitching one’s head’s top is awaking the sleeping consciousness, that is how the Ray of The Mother of The World descends upon more crude energies, expressing itself by dark lilac color. Starting from 2004 the red-brick shade auras appear less frequently.

          The descending energies wash the auras and the colors become more pure and bright. This can be vividly seen on the example of the yellow. Before, it used to be red-yellow, now more and more frequently we encounter white-yellow auras. The yellow color in the aura is connected with the solar interlacement. This name has appeared due to the similarity with the Sun, which gives life to all living. The center is the focus of the Fire’s radiation, giving balance and nourishment to the organs of the physical body, as well as to the ether and astral bodies. The solar interlacement balances and harmonizes the intellect and sensual qualities of a person. The purity and density of yellow color in the aura – is the supply of psychic energy.


The Maternal Magnet – July 2003.
Joining of Ak-Kema and Katun rivers.



          The Maternal Magnet erected by Rikla and the Aiins provides the reception of Cosmic energies from long distances, giving the man of Earth a chance to ascend by expanding his consciousness. Meaning to live!

          Who is bothered by this fountain of Bright Life-giving energies? There are those who want to begin the construction of Katun Power Station, this will not only alter the region’s ecology, but will hinder the inter-exchange of energies in that place.

2003 г.
Photo 1. 2003 y.

2004 г.
Photo 2. 2004 y.

2005 г.
Photo 3. 2005 y.

          The Photo 1 is made in Tyumen in July 2003. On the left on the photo you can see the entering of blue, rose and white colors. These very colors are present in the upper right corner of the photo of the Maternal Magnet. There are hundreds of such aura photos beginning from the summer of 2003!

          Photo 2 – same colors are present, but the green color has been added to blue. The aura is in motion, the colors are in motion in it as well, imposing on each other and producing the new aquamarine color. On the Maternal Magnet photo this color is in the lower right angle.

          Photo 3 – presents the aura, which has been finally formed between May and November of 2005. If one gives the photo of the Magnet a close look, where white-yellow is on the left, bright-blue, rose and green on the right, one can find Absolute identity in positioning of the color and its quality with the photo of the aura. I can’t state that now there exist many such people. But they do exist!
          Beginning from autumn 2004 there appeared more white color in the aura photos, this speaks for intensifying of Maternal Magnet’s work.

          “It is most interesting to see how the aura vibrations of the light carrier affect those in contact. Lets dwell on three cases: first, when everything bright and best in a person is evoked; second, when bitter, dark protest, antagonism and anger are evoked, third, when in the beginning being set on fire and aflame, the person suddenly turns the dark side of his essence to the light and becomes its enemy...” Verges of Agni Yoga.

2001 y.

          The viewing of photographs present in the “Adamant” center has showed the fact that the auras of some people started to respond to the work being done in the aura of the Earth already in 2001. In that period the people had no idea of the processes taking place on Earth and in Space, but their auras became concordant with those processes and the constructing of the new aura with the further expansion of the consciousness began. It was at that time, when certain events took place in their lives that forced them to search rapidly for an answer.

          Nowadays the aura of each of the person has the color specter close to that on photo 8. Please, pay attention to the positioning of the yellow color, which more often started to occupy the right side of the aura. Then there appeared a very intense blue with a certain close presence of green. The psycho-emotional state of people with such aura is quite complex, the inner controversies torment the person, but with the growth of the silver mist, the aura obtains tranquility and understanding. It should be noted, however that these people tried constantly to understand what is happening to them and why.


2002 y.

2003 y.

2004 y.

Aura – is the Communication Bridge for the energies, arriving from the outside.

Photo 4. 2003 y.

          There are people in whose auras the set of colors is not seen, as on page 15, but there is a rose on yellow background. Two variants of a way? Photo 4 – rose color present in the upper part influenced the further growth of the aura, i.e. it wasn’t even whole at the beginning. Photo 5 – cliche of rose color can appear at the risk zones or in the places of tumors (milk or thyroid glands), after that the tumor or the knot can decrease.

          I would like to describe an aura, when a person has already done some work over oneself, which can only influence his radiation (photos 6 and 7). But it is after such descending of energies, which reveal the depth of understanding that another portion of human dirt is “thrown out”. After some time there can appear furuncles … from 21 to 35 of them. By the way, in summer of 2005 a whole epidemic of furuncles took place in Tyumen. There was a lighter form of skin reaction, such as strong, exhausting all night itch, which can’t be dealt with by medicine.


Photo 5. 2004 y.

Photo 6. 2005 y.

Photo 7. 2006 y.


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