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          There is a build up of energy in the Planet’s aura to make the apparition of two new Rays, one of Fire and another of Plasma. The man of the new race will possess nine chakras, the planet will have nine as well and the Universe will be enriched with two new bodies. The eighth chakra – one of fire – will freely move within the aura. This will happen not at once, but in some 100-150 years, but the work on our energy bodies is being done even today.

          Man – is a magnet, which constantly attracts the energies of light or darkness from the universe. If the aura is full of light, then it attracts the bearers of light radiation from the subtle world, if it is dark – then the bearers of darkness. The magnetic quality of aura is evident. Everyone attracts or repels people as well as circumstances. Failure follows some people, carrying its causes in the aura. On the contrary, success, luck, happiness follows those, whose aura possesses the magnet of high range. There are not many people with pure radiations. Most of the people have problems, and as a rule they auras of a very low range. As for the aura of the planet, it is flooded by new energies – the Rays of Evolution and this means that they’ve started to manifest themselves in our Auras as well. But as always, people are not prepared. Haven’t we been warned?!

          “The qualities of rays are endlessly different, but one can distinguish two categories of rays. One – which can appear before the modern humanity, another one – holds the rays, which demand the understanding of spirit and without such quality the rays can be destructive. THE RAY OF THE MOTHER OF THE WORLD can be given to humanity in the near future. The auger of light can be given with care only to a few. But for those who deny the spirit the wall of fire is very dangerous, because all the orange and crimson auras can be brought into the orbit of fire and wouldn’t withstand” 1925 “Enlightenment" E.I. Rerih.

Фото 1          To those seven existing rays in the planet Earth’s aura and people’s auras five Evolutionary rays have been added. That is how the 12th ray looks in the aura of a person, who is protected by the Mother of the World, covering him with her love. But those clothes are not easy to wear, the human heart aches, loosing its rhythm, because it is not capable of such self-sacrifice and it is even more difficult to hold the imponderable Protective veil by one’s correspondence!

          “The great Goddess – Mother, Her Ray of the Unified Feminine Principle, Harmony and Order in the World – Now Grants to the Children of all the Earth. To every Kingdom, to Every Flow of Life! So Let Us Accept The Silver-Rose Ray with the finest Radiation of Sapphire. Its energy is light, Tender as The Breath of Love!... But as for the Power of the Ray? If the Law is Broken – then there appears the Power of the Element of the Unified Creator and there is no Power equal in all of the Universe!” Rikla. The Fire Of The Unified Cosmos. Volume 9.

          These lines have been written by Ilaana in Dnipropetrovs’k.
           Rikla and the Aiins have erected and have set the Maternal Magnet on fire in Altai.
           And in Tumen the energy began to appear on the photos of people’s auras in the same rare colors as described by Ilaana, being in Dnipropetrovs’k and in such a succession that was depicted by the camera of the participant of the expedition at the place of Maternal Magnet’s foundation in Altai. One can agree that the human being is not a coincidence, but a Creation of a Planetary Scale. One can’t simply hide from the fire under the umbrella and behind the glasses of ignorance. One had no time to come to his senses from understanding of what has happened, and then there is a new demand: to accept and to hold, this might be even harder.

Фото 1
Photo 1.

Фото 2
Photo 2.

Фото 3
Photo 3.

          A person came to the Center, where conversations on the spiritual subject and healing procedures take place. Before making this picture, he talked to the healer and because the aura is a magnet, the demagnetizing of a weaker aura took place.

          There is a two hour interval between the first and the third shots. One can see how hard it is for this individual to keep the energies, meaning to correspond to them. Sometimes these two hours are enough to understand the mistakes and to make a decision. While being magnetized to person’s aura, the 12th ray cuts every forceful energy introductions, healing the wounds of the energy bodies. A more prolonged keeping of the Ray wakes the feeling of Absolute Love inside the person and often saves life.

          The Ray of the Mother of the World can project itself on the whole aura or only on the zone of the ill organ. The more serious is the illness or a problem, up to a danger to one’s life, the more quantity of the silver-rose color specter energy will be present in the aura. And the purity of the specter depends on the inner response of the person. It can be hard to express by words the level of danger that a person faces, because it is important for him to get to work, which has already started in his energy bodies. The merit of the person who is under the protection of such a powerful Ray is obvious. 12th Ray is the life-giving ray, giving the possibility to understand itself through the Love for the World. Its very hard to describe this feeling, it should be lived through.

          We would like to acquaint you with one more quality of the Ray.

          The Photo is made right after the person has attended the meeting. The condition of the woman at that moment is – complete harmony and balance, but every word spoken by her, evoked a really aggressive reaction from the people. The meeting went on very noisily, they’ve shouted so loud, that other people peeked into the hall wandering what is going on.

          One of the peculiarities of The Mother of The World Ray – is that it shows all the hidden qualities of the person, including the negative ones. After encountering with this energy all those who were in the hall were later on surprised by their unusual behavior. By bringing to the surface all negative emotions, a person bearing the energy of the Mother of The World Ray can transform his aura. Why did we come to such a conclusion? In connection to the fact that all the aggressive people left the hall, and the woman’s aura (who broke order) remained whole, evenly colored, with symmetrical traces of white, which proves the fact of firm inner harmony.

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