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          “The discovery of high frequency photograph deserves to be rendered as Great. The darkness attempts to destroy it and not to let it introduce itself to life! Can true science resist the implementation of something unquestionably useful? Is it not that someone who is preventing the introduction of something good and useful for the Evolution is trying to cover up one’s weak point in the world outlook?” The Verges of Agni-Yoga. Volume 8.

          E.I. Rerih has already written about the aura and the equipment which can trace it in 1925! Every expression about radiations, color in aura, new energies, were given by her in the “Verges of Agni-Yoga”. The aura photographs have a great future, indeed, the consequence of which is underestimated and it is only a matter of time, when this discovery will be brought into the field of science. Even now, there are many searching medics who understand that the man is far beyond just the physical body, that an illness – is the mechanism that makes the person turn itself to the spirit. It is now that we must not speak of opposing of the spiritual affect to traditional science, but about their union and supplement, while every achievement is preserved. People are afraid of somebody sneezing or coughing nearby, but no one thinks about the destructive wounds in the aura. They are very contagious and communicating with such people is not safe. One of the main problems of humanity – is the lack of knowledge, that the Man – the Planet – the Universe, were created in accordance with the same pattern and image. And the disruption of the wholeness of the atmosphere in the event of different experiments create holes, where alien and destructive energies of the universe have directed themselves. These are such diseases as AIDS, untypical pneumonia, chronic weariness syndrome…

          By having the aura photo one can have a full view of the person’s state of health, both mental and physical, his fate, level of his spiritual development and the potential of future events. Our hurt feelings, hate, envy, irritation which last for years result in formations that destroy the aura, then these formations move from the field level to a physical organ. If the aura has got holes, there would be no immune system, the person would be unprotected. There are a lot of people, who claim that they see the aura and they try to give very free explanations. There is no need to see the human radiation. This can be done by means of physical pictures. The human aura is hard to see on the Earth’s level on one’s wish, for all that, you need special conditions. It is impossible to bring all the conditions of the subtle world to the Earth’s foreground. It would have been unnatural to start seeing the auras of everything that is around. For that one must have the special fire feeling and to remember that everyone sees the astral cliche through the color of one’s own aura. Usually many don’t understand how one can give a full characteristic just by looking at the radiation of color in one’s aura. Color is the activity of certain energy centers (charkas). There are seven chakras, each charka has its own color. They are situated directly along the spine at the energy bodies and wash with energy certain organs and are responsible for certain aspects of fate.

SEVENTH chakra – the color is violet, note Si. This is the spiritual union with the world, enlightenment, cosmic consciousness. With this center we get everything coming from the higher spheres. On the level of the organs – it is the brain. All nervous activity is connected with this center. The none function of the sixths and sevenths centers is the psycho emotional instability, psychic disorder, head aches, the lack of the inner core, self-proud ness.
SIXTH chakra – the color is dark blue, note La. It is situated on the bridge of nose level in the center of the forehead. On the level of the organs – it is ears, eyes, nose throat, skull bones, mouth cavity, teeth. It controls the sensual organs. The opening of this center makes a person clairvoyant and gives inner hearing. The harmonically – proportional development of the body is depending upon this center.
FIFTH chakra – the color is blue, note Sol. It is situated at the back of the neck. It is the chakra of self-expression, inspiration, eloquence and communication skills. On the level of the organs – it is – thyroid gland, trachea, larynx, neck section of the spine, hands. The main thing that leads to dysfunction is the word, its quality: destructive-offensive and obscene words. Silence – as an element of unspoken claims, hypocrisy, lies. Eloquence, the lack of one’s own opinion and stammer – also relate to center’s dysfunction. The opening of this center grants the possibility to understand speech in any language spoken.
FOURTH chakra – the color is green, note Fa. It is located amid the breasts, between nipples. It is the energy of love, compassion, selfness, meekness. On the level of organs – it is cardio-vascular system, lungs, milk glands, the mid part of the breast section of the spine. It is the most important center in the current epoch, because the New energies are focused in it. The dysfunction of the center – is million deaths every year in Russia alone, due to the cardio-vascular illness. All over the world the doctors speak about the epidemics, spending huge amounts of money on study of this problem. How much money does it tale to teach a man to love himself and other people? To cure from hard-heartedness, egoism and indifference? Love is the most potent creative energy of the Universe. This energy creates what one uses to call a miracle. It is impossible to buy, it is only possible to teach oneself to radiate.
THIRD chakra – the color is yellow, note Mi. It is situated at the level of solar texture. It is the energy of force, power, the possibility to express oneself in the social environment, intellect. On the level of organs – it is liver, bilious bladder, lover part of the breast section of the spine. If it none functions, it is impossible to be a successful businessman, student, it is not possible to find one’s place in the world, its dysfunction results in rage, self-eating, power thirst, the dysfunction of digestion, blood build up, metabolism.
SECOND chakra – the color is orange, note Re. It is situated on the level of the cross bone. It is the sexual energy and energy of creation, it gives the joy of life. On the level of organs – it is uterus, sexual and urination systems, fat and thin guts. This chakra is responsible for relations with opposite sex, childbirth. If it none functions, it is impossible to create a family, the dysfunction results in intolerance, touchiness, sexual disorientation, lowering of interest for life, despondency, low self-evaluation.
FIRST chakra – the color is red, note Do. It is situated on the lower spine level. It gives to physical body the life energy, it is responsible for survival, the will to live. On the level of organs – it is straight gut, prostate, cross bone section of the spine, legs. If it none functions, the will to live drops down, the result is passiveness, sleepiness, all kinds of phobias (fears), dysfunction of sexual, secretion, movement functions.

          The knowledge about the Higher centers – chakras has been made secret of, because upon finding out about some of their qualities, some started opening them artificially. The forceful pumping up of the centers without inner aspiration is dangerous and can lead to unwanted consequences. There are many who want to have a vision at any cost. Unfortunately it is on rare occasions that “those who talk to God” have a clear channel, their source is quite the opposite and the aura photograph of such persons “with the vision” is a documental proof of that. They are much surprised and even get angry with the operator, who is making photos. Try listening, those who wish to open their vision, are you going the right direction? Is it not the direct way to the psychiatrists? Only everyday labor on self-improvement, control over the purity of thought can lead to harmonious, consequent opening of the centers. This is a life long way, and sometimes one life is not enough.

          Three lower chakras – are called the lower triad – are responsible for the material aspect. Three upper chakras are called the upper triad and are connected with the Spirit. The union of Spirit and Matter is made on the level of the fourth center, which is called the Chalice. The Chalice is universal for all the reincarnations, the opening of which gives knowledge of previous lives. For most of us today, this union is the main task, because the Spirit can’t express itself without the matter, and the matter can’t live without the spirit. The role of the heart is very important in the current epoch and this is the fourth energy center – ANAHATA. The twinned triangles represent it’s symbol, for most people, this is connected with the Jewish nation, that’s how far their knowledge goes. This symbol was on the seal of London Theosophist Society, it was carried by E.P. Blavatskaya.

          “The twinned triangle, viewed by the Jewish cabbalists as the seal of Solomon is in fact Shri-Antara of the ancient Arian temple “Mystery of Mysteries”, hermetic synthesis of all of the occult doctrine. They contain the “square circle”, “philosophic circle”, great issues of Life and Death, Mystery of evil. The pupil, who can evaluate the aspects of this symbol is in fact an Adept.” Kut Humi, London, 1883.

          Adept – is a person, who has the opportunity not to reincarnate on the physical foreground of the being at his wish.

          In the result of the opening of the centers, the human body gets more subtle and all the sensual organs get more refined. A person can feel aches which are called transitional or holly. They are called transitional, because they appear in most unexpected places and they stop without healing. They are called holly, because thanks to them the human body purges and inspires itself. The inspiration of the matter – is the enlightenment. These aches are not the condition for opening of the centers, but the result of matter’s imperfection, which our body is constituted of. All of our body needs to be reborn so that the subtle energies could start to work in it, and this is not possible without the pain. It is necessary to remember one thing: THERE WILL BE NO ASCENDING WITHOUT THE PAIN! Without Ascending there is no life, but only a sleepy existence.

          In the course of the center’s development, one can view stars, flashes and whole formations in the side view. At first, this will happen with eyes closed, but the color and its intensity will speak for itself, because these color combinations do not exist in the surrounding nature. The color is really special and unforgettable for those, who have seen the sparks of the Space Fire just once. It is necessary to pay attention to color and its purity: all the manifestations – like blue, violet and silver in different variants speak about the nearing of the pure sources. The presence of red, yellow or venomous colors speak of tension around the person. If we see a black spot with the bright silver lining – this is a dangerous phenomenon, telling about the nearing of the energies of destructive qualities. In any case, one must feel the color and once having learned to understand the color, one can distinguish the Quality of the Energy. The aura should be more cared of than the physical body, because healthy aura will give health to the body. One should constantly remember and protect this sensitive cocoon around us. Chaotic, sharp and convulsive moves can disrupt the wholeness of the aura, wounding it. It is also not advisable to live permanently at the same place, home. Its like the aura grows together with the own home, flat and belongings and the consciousness grows in, only this is not a free spirit. That’s why such preference is given to pilgrims and travelers in Agni-Yoga, planet Earth – is their home, their consciousness is ready to house the Infinity of the World.

Фото 1
Photo 1.

The aura is destroyed, there are seen the traces of essences, i.e. destructive energies. Such auras can be when patrimonial curse takes place. A person can vaguely understand the degree of danger.

          Now we shall study the aura with examples. It must be whole, it must be of pure color and must be dense, this means a person should not be seen through it. The dynamics in the growth of the aura ranges from the red to violet. The synthesis of all the colors (i.e. the work of all the chakras) gives the aura a white color. Very often the presence of white color – means protection and as rule, is obtained from another source: person, book, picture, location. Aura is the result of accumulations made through many centuries. The left part of the picture speaks for the potential future of the person, if there is no color or there is a hole in it, it tells of danger to him. The right side is the giving, self-expression in every day and social surroundings. The upper part of the aura – is the thinking process. All the crimson colors in large quantity are not welcomed in the aura – this is a low kind of vibration. Such person is unprotected, irritated and according to the LAW OF IDENTITY attracts troubles and even misfortunes. Old people, who have crimson color in their aura are in danger of cordial-vascular diseases. The restoring of such auras, if the falling of vibrations and lowering of defense is due to outer violence is carried out fast enough (if we are talking about the specialist-healer’s treatment). If it is a low grade of consciousness, then it might last for indefinitely long period and depend upon individual’s work on himself.

Фото 2
Photo 2.

In the upper part we see a forceful program (magic) and the work on person’s sub consciousness, but contrary to Photo 1, there is the potential to correct the situation on one’s own in the future, to which the yellow color on the left is the proof.


Фото 3
Right                         Left
Фото 4
Right                         Left
Фото 5
Right                         Left
The aura is not whole, but the colors are already clearer. There are no intrusions, and on the upper lining one can see the spots of yellow, which speaks for the growth of the aura or for the very recent loss of energy. Very often people call these spots Guardian Angels. In any case the reconstruction would be rapid. Such aura is considered safe for children under 7-8 years of age. The contours of the aura are whole, in the upper part one can see a wave, which is obligatory in such cases. This is the aura of the person with strictly materialistic view. Even a short while ago it was considered enough to have such an aura, because it meant intellect and successful life in social surroundings, but the Evolution brings forward new demands! Aura is whole, colors are clear. On the left and on the right, there is some green appeared. A rare state of inner harmony and the ability to express it in the surrounding world. Green color in the aura is a bridge to Space Fire. If 30% of people would have had such aura, the humanity would have escaped many diseases and misfortunes.

AURA – is the filter, which passes the vibrations of light and darkness concordant to the tonality and tuning of such filter.

Фото 6
Right                         Left
Фото 1
Right                         Left
Фото 1
Right                         Left
Aura of an even higher range. This person is not only theoretically familiar with the laws of the World, but it is time to implement this knowledge into life. The unclear shades of the aura show, that he accepts these laws with difficulty, is exercising self-excuse. This aura is of psycho-emotional instability. The radiation of the next two auras relate to the upper triad, but they lack the light in them, they are dull and not joyful. The life-support in these auras is on the low. Traces of intrusion can be seen – these can be the impact of the psychotronic devices or rude imposture of someone’s will (in each case it should be viewed individually!). The lack of clear, bright colors and especially red-yellow specter shows that it is hard for these people express themselves in social surroundings and that the person is on the verge of social failure.

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