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          From the very start I want to say that I love and understand animals, having my own experience of communicating with them even in not most conventional way for most – mystical. In the beginning of 1990’s my family has bought a house in Kherson region with all the pets living there. Among them there was a newborn kitten. In two years this little being has turned into a common yard cat Muriska. One of the days as it always happened in summer, when there were many relatives in the house, a family scandal occurred. Due to my impulsive character and youth, I have taken my suitcase and left. I found myself shelter under the hanging tent of cherry branches, growing by the road. There were no cars, because it was around three o’clock in the morning. Having camouflaged myself in the cherry branches, I have placed myself on the suitcase to wait for the morning. The sleep has been strange, confused and sort of bright – the images of my life moved very fast. I have been woken up by a cry; I couldn’t name it any other way. Close to me stood the cat Muriska and cried wildly. It didn’t wish to go to my arms, but moved away from me. Seeing that I’m not moving it returned again, shattering the silence with her cries. “Trouble” thought I - “Something must have happened at home” and having grabbed my suitcase I rushed back. Everyone was safe asleep at home! No one has been looking for me – it was just Muriska who called me. But why? When I have calmed down and went to sleep, from somewhere in the street came a strong blow and a gnash…

          In the morning on the way to the store I have seen a KAMAZ with the trailer, which stood thrust against the corner of the house, having viewed the trajectory of its movement, I saw that it passed the through the cherry tent and it was been broken as well. That’s how a common village cat Muriska has possibly saved me from death. Our friendship has broken when next summer I have returned from Moscow with a Rottweiler puppy – my old dream. This is my life’s new epopee with animals in it. I have dealt with the Rottweiler dogs for seven years – I have galloped for forty minutes at the arenas, being proud of the medals that I received, my female Rottweiler didn’t need them, but for me it was a balsam on my soul. There were torn trousers and leather coats, bitten arms and separate parts of the body, people saved from the hooligans and eyes, eyes of my Rottweiler friend, which looked inside of me, understanding when I feel bad and undoubtedly they’ve expressed compassion.

          The subject of friendship between the human and the animal – is a separate and serious discussion, when somehow no one but the animal understands the person. But everything has an ending – my dog has left, died, began to wither away all over sudden. Living every summer in the village, we were aliens there, “Moscovites” and often we found “messages” in the yard. Having understanding of what it may be, I have burned everything out by the welding lamp. Nevertheless the dog has gone having taken the entire negative upon himself. Now I know it for sure, comparing the facts deposited in my memory. But most incredible happened later. At that time I have began dealing with my inner world and I often fell into some meditative mood and if I was in danger and I haven’t noticed that, then the image of my Rottweiler with a characteristic setting of ears appeared before my eyes, which served a sign to me. Turning back and glancing to the direction, where the strained dog has cast his glance, I would see the danger.

          I have buried my pet at the deserted airfield, where we once loved to walk without any interference from people and other dogs. When several years have passed after the death of the friend I wanted to visit the grave, maybe to put some stones or ground over. Those were difficult times: there appeared homeless children and grown up trained dogs thrown out to the street and not being afraid of man. There was news in the papers that having gathered in packs these dogs were attacking people.

          Together with my daughter we have brought several stones to the dog’s grave and were arranging them, but suddenly there appeared the feeling of danger. I turned around, but there was no one in sight. Again I’ve started working with the grave. The wave of danger has compressed the breast with double strength, I looked up – there were two sheep dogs running and then three more. I stood up and looked around. Around us at a distance sat the dogs in circle. They stood up, made several steps and sat down again, that’s why the circle became narrower. Now it was understandable, where did the feeling of danger come from! Staying calm I began to get going and I asked my daughter not to leave me. The dogs began to narrow the circle, there were no less than fifteen – seventeen of them and they all were big ones. Having cast a glance to the bus stop – about half kilometer, even if I would make a run for it, having put the coat around my arm – will fight out, I would not make it to the stop plus taking into account the teenage daughter. And then in thoughts I addressed my Rottweiler: “Landa! I need your help! See how many sheep dogs are around, you disliked them so much! Landa! Drive them away!” I started to move straight towards the dogs. To my surprise they gave way and lined up in succession seeing us off to the very stop. We have left safely.

          I have told these two events from my life so that everyone reading could recall something of his own. I love our smaller brothers, but to put a Rottweiler to bed or to put the cat Muriska on top of my head in my sleep didn’t come to my mind anyway. There was place for everyone in my life and my living space.

          “None of the animals should be admitted to the living quarters. Even the birds can’t stay in the sleeping room. All lower attracts lower. Sometimes dark beings from the Subtle World amplify the solid creatures with their existence, which they attract. That’s how stray dogs and cats may appear as well as annoying insects. Sometimes without the participation of the animals they can’t appear. For science it is very important to know these unions of animals with the subtle world”. Agni Yoga.
          “If the dogs and birds are not good, then what can be said about cats, which are viewed as beings for sure belonging to the dark groups?! One should love and feel sympathy for the animals, but it is disgusting to see the perverted sentimentality manifested towards them by some types of people.” From the letters of E.I. Roerich.

          Having read these quotations it becomes clear: one should be careful in regards to cats, I have tried to address the reader’s attention towards this subject in the article “Way to the Fire!”. And I was horrified when I heard the interpretation of the read: “The cat has made the aura of a man bright!” I realize that I must dwell on this theme especially.

Правая        Фото 1.         Левая

Правая        Фото 2.         Левая

          Before us we see the photos of an aura of one and the same woman. When her aura looked as on foto 1, her cat has been sleeping beside and was trying to lie down on the holes in the aura, i.e. where the energy flowed away. The cat has been sleeping on woman’s head for 10 years, until the moment she visited our center. When the first pictures were made the person started to watch closely at the behavior of the cat, connecting the received fact with what was seen on the aura photo. Many people ask the question: “what about the pain which cats remove?” I’ll answer by putting the question to a question: “And what is pain? It is a hole in the aura and it is formed due to our wrong and destructive thinking and behavior. The cat is not removing pain, it is drinking the energy, let it even be the energy of destruction. If we do not stop destructing ourselves then we may feed up a monster with our negative.” In this case it happened so, when I saw this being, I was stricken by it’s eyes – bottomless and darting. I had an immediate thought that the cat had a form of possession. It immediately got lost and was found by it’s owner in some hour and a half behind the heating battery, where it sat cramped between the wall and the battery. In Tyumen they heat so well that one can get a burn by just touching the battery! I will make the conclusion purposefully, because once more it can be misread: having been found out mentally the being tried to hide!

          When the aura of the woman became whole ( foto 2), the cat stopped lying even close by. Then two works by artist V. Morugin have been placed in the sleeping room opposite each other. When the woman lay down on the bed a corridor of energy from the paintings has been created above her, then the cat ran through this space like a bullet, entering from the husband’s side and lying down there. If the cat wasn’t admitted to the sleeping room, it would crash against the door with cries, until its owners would loose their patience. Contrary to the humans it new that it is fighting for life support, extracting it from the human potential. During the restoration of woman’s aura the cat started attacking her, waiting for her in the corridor, because it has been given less attention by her. And once having caught hold of her leg, it bit her; the wound festered and wouldn’t heal for three months. Not waiting for attention, i.e. getting the new “portion of energy”, it caught hold of the leg. The entrance to the aura was formed by constant leaking out of energy, that’s why the wound couldn’t be treated by regular medical means. This animal – is a mirror reflection of the inner contradictions in the family and the scale of this problem can be seen.

Правая        Фото 3.         Левая

Правая        Фото 4.         Левая

          Here is one more example. Let’s now speak about another brother – a dog, little poodle. Such fidgety and lively darling. The affectionate owners often photographed it. And on one of the photographs it can be seen: this darling on the clearing with colored rubber strings holding the hair (such a fashion), but close by there is a giant smoke dirty-grey cloud, fully repeating the pose of the dog. And in case of doubts, even the rubber strings in color are repeated with the giant. The woman-owner has immediately found her way about what it is and burned the photo. It was more difficult with the man-owner, but an occasion helped. We have been making a photograph of the owner’s aura (Foto 4), where one could see holes. Namely in these places of energy lack the dog loved to sleep. The aura photo of the dog itself was made (foto 3), where one could see the passage ways characteristic for the forms of possession. I want to make a reservation: the woman-owner holding the legs of the dog on the indicators had a red aura at that moment, so she could in no way influence the quality of radiation of the animal. One can only imagine the size of the being’s appetite living in this aura, to the one hiding out there the object itself is of no importance, but the influence on the surrounding people through it matters.

          But there are other dogs with a special gift, which is called urumia. “Urumia – so is named the fiery comprehension of the possession. No only people can be gifted by this feeling, but some animals close to the people feel this horrible state. The horses and dogs especially understand and become indignant when they approach the possessed. In ancient China there has been a special breed of dogs, highly valued which especially vigilantly recognized the so called possessed. Also in ancient times it was customary to show horses and dogs to the guests. At the same time the attitude of the animals was noted. Many ambassadors have undergone such test. It should be noted that cats feel the possessed as well, but usually quite to the opposite. The possession brings them to joyful state. Like, for example when the cat feels the possessed or his strong influence, it doesn’t hide, but it walks around mewing happily. While the dog would bristle up and would try either to hide or attack such a person” Fiery World.

          Namely before our arrival a very calm dog of the chau-chau breed called Bina behaved in such a manner. In the flat where this dog lived an aura camera was installed and people came to take pictures. The aura camera operator and the dog’s owner have noted that the phlegmatic and always snoring dog have reacted very violently to some of the visitors. There were even those at whom she barked and tried to attack. The owner was very surprised, apologizing for such unusual behavior of her nursling. The truth-loving Bina has been kicked out to the kitchen, where she stopped protesting only after the departure of those people. In order to save reader’s time, I will say: in the auras of the people to whom the reaction of the dog was so violent the passage ways as if done by a fat worm could be seen. There came many people and there were those who even stroke the dog or tried to find out the color of her eyes while she slept, poking the finger (those were kids). Bina stoically withstood such liberties, to those whom the signs of aggression were addressed didn’t express themselves anyhow, but they carried the destruction in their Aura.

          Due to the loss of feeling or at least of intuition, we don’t notice the thin verge of the golden middle, where we people can ourselves make any creature either a friend or the one who would later destroy us with our negative fed to him. Let’s think of how to behave so as not to hide later from our smaller brothers transformed by us into monsters.

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