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          Dolphins are considered to be the reincarnation of the Greek Sun God Apollo, the sea magicians, people of the sea and even the envoys of Sirius on Earth. The dolphins have been studied and described a lot, but do we know everything about them? Certainly not. They are beings whose both brain hemispheres function in awaken condition. While humans are left hemisphere beings and only those especially gifted, to whose list the Indigo children are joined as well, are right hemisphere beings. The dolphins seize the negative energy, originating from a person and neutralize it by a sound signal.

Foto 1.

Foto 2.

          My first encounter with the dolphin happened… in meditation and goes on until this very day. While being at the swimming pool for dolphins, I address myself mentally to the dolphins and they always reply! You try this as well; there will be enough of dolphin’s joy and happiness for everyone. Once, during the show of the dolphins, the date switched one day forward, by the way this also has happened to the people sitting next to me, who have addressed my attention. Namely, later on this turned out to be a very important prompting.

          Once, the dolphin show turned into a healing session: somebody started crying and laughing simultaneously, somebody grabbed his head, because the head was aching, some felt nausea and some kids began vomiting. There were some children who started to cry and to convulse in a strange kind of way.

          I have heard a woman tell about some abnormal swelling in her belly, which has stopped right after the show. By the way, the unpleasant symptoms stopped with all nearby people viewed by me. The state of peace came upon everyone. And in the evening a bright rainbow has hung from the dolphin swimming pool to the sea, which has been surprising people for about an hour!

Foto 3.

Foto 4.

          Here we have the pictures of a child, about whom there was a prompting received regarding the search of a healer dolphin. The dynamics shown on the aura pictures 1-3 – is the result of our joint work with the mother of a child. Please pay attention to the photo (summer 2003) – the aura of the child has also responded to the processes taking place in the aura of the Earth, it is similar to the auras of the people described in the article «The dynamics of change in the human aura color range»: the same characteristic advance of energies on the green background. Photo 4 has been made after the sessions, which have been conducted in Sevastopol, but this time by a dolphin. The session means that the child stays in the same swimming pool with the dolphin. In the beginning of the chapter, the photo of those very dolphins who worked with the child is placed. With some people the dolphins refuse even to communicate, not speaking about swimming together for long holding on to the fin.

          I’ve seen when the dolphin lay at the bottom of the swimming pool, refusing to come out even for the fish, but as soon as the person left the swimming pool, the dolphin has surfaced. The dolphins can distinguish the energy coming from a person and they can refuse the person who is used only to taking. What surprises is that the dolphins have their narrow fields of specialization: there are dolphins who work with those children who have speech problems, or only with children who have the diagnosis of child’s cerebral paralysis.

          On photo 4, which has been made in the summer of 2003, for the first time we have seen namely such color arrangement of the human aura! And this happened after the meeting of the child with the conductors of energy and parts of joint Creation of both Sky and the Earth – the Dolphins, helping us humans to become the citizens of the Cosmos!

Maybe in your meditation the dolphin will come to surface as well.
Follow him bravely to the very depths of your essence.

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